Willis McGahee RB CLE Aug 30 '783 Comments

Willis McGahee (torn MCL, broken leg) is reportedly holding out hope that he might return in 4-6 weeks.

With a Week 16 return his absolute best-case scenario, McGahee is still worth dropping in fantasy leagues. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, McGahee has been told not to put any weight on his leg and will not need surgery. McGahee hopes rest and rehab will get him back to 100 percent. Unable to condition with a torn knee ligament and fracture in his leg, McGahee will be out of shape when he does return. He can be safely sent to the fantasy waiver wire.


AnyGivenSunday1 Aug 31 '78

I am getting tired of this....your doing it wrong

borow Aug 31 '78

This sucks he was having a solid season and was coming into a easier part of the schedule.

ConnorHarper Aug 31 '78