Jackie Battle RB TEN Aug 30 '783 Comments

Jackie Battle started the Chargers' Week 11 loss to the Broncos.

Battle was the feature back on the Chargers' first two possessions. Then Ryan Mathews, who had been nursing a stiff neck, came on and carried the load the rest of the way. Battle finished with four carries for just negative-three yards. There's no real explanation for why Norv Turner started Battle if Mathews was healthy enough to play.


Frank_Price Aug 30 '78

Battle is a 3rd down rusher for short yardage! NOT A STARTER! he had one great game @ the KC chiefs other than that he get's crushed. The chargers should fire NORV (first)* then limit Rivers on his throwing! If anyone noticed he looks only one way, when he passes! his flea or checkdown was open by 10-15 yards at least 10+ times and he only completed one pass in a danger zone! I honestly wish the Broncos def, would of rang him up with a season ending injury! Then really you would have to play Charger football and not KETCHUP!!!!!

begs Aug 30 '78

why'd you start battle norv? you're sucha sh!tty fckin coach

BenTovar Aug 30 '78

There's no "splaining" the train wreck that is the Chargers, but a good place to start would be showing Norv the door.