Steve Smith WR BAL Aug 30 '7810 Comments

Steve Smith caught five passes for 61 yards in the Panthers' Week 11 overtime loss to the Bucs.

Midway through the second quarter, Smith appeared to corral his second touchdown catch of the season. But referees correctly threw a flag for offensive pass interference and it turned out that Smith dislocated a finger on the play. He went to the locker room, got it popped back into place and finished the game out with no problems. Smith has a good chance to snap out of his recent funk against the Eagles' rancid defense in Week 12.


Commish82 Sep 01 '78

Update this guy

MarcnMatt Sep 01 '78

Is he playing?

Fred_G_Sanford Sep 01 '78

Does Steve Smith have a vested interest in Flea Flicker? He's burnt me week after week based on bogus projected points that he'd be lucky to make 1/4 of. I'm done with him till further notice and who ever is in charge of his stats/outlook on here needs a reality check!

SnakeStabler Sep 01 '78

Why does Fleaflicker have this guy still listed as OUT?

blackcomedy Sep 01 '78

yeah what the hell? i know he dislocated a finger in the game but he played the rest just fine

jcomegys Aug 31 '78

It will be quite a feat to "snap out of his funk" since it shows he's out for week 12.

Displayname1 Aug 31 '78

He left the game so they listed him as out. It takes a while for them to change his status back. He'll play.

thenoobs Sep 01 '78

Bigger question is will it matter?

Chelo Sep 01 '78

My balls are itchy

blackcomedy Sep 01 '78

he left the game for just a bit to go to the locker room to fix his finger and he played fine after that showing no signs of pain, seems odd to list him as out for that