Jonathan Stewart RB CAR Aug 30 '783 Comments

Jonathan Stewart rushed 15 times for 43 yards with a touchdown and added a 30-yard reception in the Panthers' Week 11 overtime loss to the Bucs.

Stewart started and played ahead of DeAngelo Williams for much of the day. He also got a surprise goal-line carry, converting out of a conventional run formation from one yard out in the second quarter. Stewart did roll his ankle in the third quarter and missed a series, but was able to return and appeared no worse for the wear. He'll be a flex option in Week 12 against an Eagles defense that struggles to tackle anyone.


cogwheel Aug 31 '78

His YPC was good for most of the game, as I tracked the box-score. Like until the 3rd quarter. It was 5 yards a pop.

But then apparently he had a bunch of late-game carries he got absolutely nothing with, and suddenly his YPC was crap. Are you SURE Stewart was "no worse for the wear" after rolling his ankle, rotoworld?

Abracadabra_U Sep 01 '78

I agree with you... I'm cutting him tonight.... Hillman time...

mevic1 Sep 01 '78

He may of been physically fine but that kinda thing can make you more cautious too. If he's not limited in practice I'd say he's fine.