Owen Daniels TE DEN Aug 29 '7810 Comments

Owen Daniels caught six passes for 57 yards in Sunday's Week 11 win over the Jaguars.

Daniels returned to the lineup after missing last week's game against the Bears and saw nine targets. Back-up tight end Garrett Graham stole the show, though, and hauled in eight passes for 82 yards and two touchdowns. Daniels, coming off the hip injury, wasn't on the field as much as he typically is. He'll face the Lions in Week 12 with Detroit being in the bottom-third of the league when it comes to defending opposing tight ends.


Fabio49ers Aug 30 '78

Don't you mean he'll watch from the sidelines??? Freakin BS!!

GCBALLA Aug 30 '78

I mean, you had to know he would be limited going into the game. Anytime you play an iffy guy like that you know what you're gonna get.

Fabio49ers Aug 30 '78

True, but he was iffy LAST WEEK, bro..

GCBALLA Aug 30 '78

He missed last week, was listed as questionable & was limited in practice all week...sounds like a pretty iffy play to me, no?

Bmartino Aug 30 '78

I am going to try and pick up this Garrett Graham!!!

GCBALLA Aug 31 '78

Daniels has a very good matchup stretch coming up

Wookieefoot Aug 31 '78

I forgot to take Graham out of my lineup from last week. Lucky me! LoL

Shadownet Aug 31 '78

I wouldn't bother dude, if by next week Daniels is making even better progress, he should be on the field more than Graham.

Bmartino Sep 01 '78

Owen or Graham? lol

Shadownet Sep 01 '78

Keep checking the news but if Owen is improving then play him, if not Graham.