Matt Schaub QB OAK Aug 29 '785 Comments

Matt Schaub completed 43-of-55 passes for 527 yards, five touchdowns, and two interceptions in the Texans' Week 11, 43-37 overtime win over the Jaguars.


schnurb7 Sep 01 '78

Brees or schaub??

TheViking420 Sep 01 '78

I am debating over luck and schaub. I am leaning away from schaub, he hasnt been very consistent all year. only reason he had so many points is because the defense was a huge let down

TheSuPReMeJuaN Aug 30 '78

The balls of me for starting this guy after last week...ok, I lost Big ben and my only other option was Bradford. I wont lie lol

Oxenjonzen Aug 30 '78

I had him Vick or Carson Palmer... I chose wrong.

Oxenjonzen Aug 30 '78

Palmer not vick.