Matt Ryan QB ATL Aug 29 '7830 Comments

Matt Ryan completed 28-of-46 passes for 301 yards and five interceptions as the Falcons outlasted Arizona 23-19 in Week 11.

Ryan did not play well -- let's be clear about that -- but he got awfully bad luck on tipped passes, which contributed to at least three of his picks. He also did not benefit from a largely ineffective Julio Jones (ankle), who left in the third quarter and did not return. Although the Cardinals sacked him just once, Ryan was also under heavy duress throughout the game as Arizona DC Ray Horton dialed up heavy blitzes. Ryan is a resilient enough football player to bounce back from this brutal effort in his next game. The Falcons face Tampa Bay's No. 32 pass defense in Week 12.


Jacksauce Sep 01 '78

Tipped or not, an int is an int. Thanks for the mark in the L column...

Stinkfistlee Sep 01 '78

i agree i already had 5 starters on bye week but i still had ryan julio who scored me crap not to mention maclins 0 and reese not having any tds lloyd being a bust i needed ryan and julio to step up big and carry the team and that just sucked

warriors2185 Aug 31 '78

Thanks for the 2 fantasy points A** hole!!

letendre Aug 31 '78

I'm just glad I had andre Johnson to make up for Mattie ice. I'm not concerned one bit he's been in th top three overall rankings all year

AWOL Aug 29 '78

Kind of the game someone was going to be crowned the winner. One to forget.

Snake_bitten Aug 30 '78

Yeah Matty Ice may cost me the game this week.

Gridiron-IQ Aug 30 '78

Ya u screwed me u fukin loser!!!

Snake_bitten Aug 30 '78

A tad harsh considering how consistent he's been all season. He can't put up 300yds and 3 TD's every week. We may lose this week, but get a grip.

Gridiron-IQ Aug 30 '78

Who throws 5 interceptions??just shows he still has that bum in him like last yrs playoff game...

Snake_bitten Aug 30 '78

Not all of them were his fault AND they still won the game. lol

mk8964 Aug 30 '78

Bart Starr is the only other QB to throw 5 INT in a single game and still win that game in NFL history. Thats who.

I have Matt on every single team I have and after 11 weeks to say he cost me 1 lose, but gave me at least 4 or 5 wins, I have no regrets. Everyone of my teams have a winning record and most are already clinched for the playoffs. Lets keep one bad game in perspective.

Gridiron-IQ Aug 30 '78

Ya i know How does that happen?

Gridiron-IQ Aug 30 '78

This game meant alot for my playoff chances is all...but after the patriots got 1500 points on defense i would have probably lost no matter what...i just hope he doesnt do it again...

WhyYaCryin Aug 31 '78

Same here. I was hoping for a big game from him but ended up facing pats defense and matt schaub. Next week, he will bounce back though.

Snake_bitten Aug 31 '78

Having a kick ass defense is how. lol

DoctorPreece Aug 31 '78

I dropped Ryan for Luck (luckily!), as when looking Ryan seems to score low at home games but big when away. He's away next week to TB so he'll score 25+ easy I reckon!

DFerry Aug 31 '78

I had Ryan and Luck starting in my 2 QB league and the scoring is -3 points for each INT. So I got -24 points off 8 INT's between the two of them, and still somehow won by 10. Don't need that type of game again going down the stretch.

racenut Aug 31 '78

Their defense sucks!!!!!!! Can't stop the run!!!!!!

racenut Aug 31 '78

Wait till playoffs and they face real teams --- they"ll get destroyed!!!!!!!

Gridiron-IQ Aug 31 '78


Gridiron-IQ Aug 31 '78

Ya that what im thinking...they make the playoffs and score two points again...

Aaroon Aug 31 '78

Vick had 4 or 5 in a game they won this year.

Snake_bitten Aug 31 '78

If any team can get 6 turnovers and still win without a passing TD, how else would explain their win? Bribery?

Snake_bitten Aug 31 '78

That was against Cleveland tho. They gave up just as many turnovers.

racenut Aug 31 '78

No, I'd call it carrying a lucky rabbit's foot around in your back pocket --- they've had the easiest schedule in the NFL this year and should have lost at least 3 games ( a rabbit only has 4 feet ) I can't wait for them to get into the playoffs and face a real team and get their _sses pasted --- then what are their fans gonna say?

racenut Aug 31 '78

That's not saying much --- Cleveland sucks too.

Snake_bitten Aug 31 '78

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Falcons fan, so they can go ahead and blow on the launch pad in the playoffs. I only need Ryan to produce for 6 more weeks. lol

Snake_bitten Aug 31 '78

Being a Cleveland fan, I can totally agree. I had actually predicted the Browns to get 5 wins this year. lol

So much for optimism. They'll be lucky to get 4 or even 3. xD

Gridiron-IQ Aug 31 '78

If the cardinals had any offense at all they would have gotten killed...

racenut Sep 01 '78

You're probably right there but their defense is so porous that a good team will crush them!!!!