Blaine Gabbert QB SF Aug 29 '784 Comments

Blaine Gabbert left Sunday's game against the Texans with a right elbow injury and was replaced in the lineup by Chad Henne.

Gabbert has been battling a left (non-throwing) shoulder injury for the past few weeks, but this is unrelated to that. Gabbert was hit by J.J. Watt on the opening drive and lost a fumble on the play in which he was injured. This is Henne's third game of action this season. Gabbert is probable to return.


Gordizzle Aug 30 '78

jags going with a QB in the draft this year?

Wake_Rider Aug 30 '78

I'm a Jags fan, and I sure as hell hope so.

brandonmc87 Aug 30 '78

I'm also a Jags fan, and I'd like to see what Henne can do. There's no sure-fire franchise QB in the draft, so I think we need to patch up our porous defense first.

Gabbert has to go. He's the worst QB I've ever seen in my life. He makes Quinn Gray look like Donovan McNabb.

Riggs44R Aug 30 '78

I agree, doesn't the organization realize that they've stunted Blackmon's growth by starting Gabbert? Look at what happened today, Henne in, Blackmon lit it up.