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James Jones WR OAK Aug 27 '788 Comments

Teams told James Jones in post-lockout free agency that they didn't want to sign him because of his history of drops.

Jones had a higher drop percentage than any receiver from 2009-2011. Prior to free agency in 2010, he dropped potential long touchdowns in five different games. "They didn't feel like I could catch a ball," Jones said. "They didn't feel like my hands were good enough." Thrust into a bigger role this season, Jones is on pace for a 71/821/14 line without a single drop.


CarlisleWeenie Aug 29 '78

Pick one flex from these three: J. Jones, SJAX, or T. Smith.

skins099 Aug 29 '78

I have SJax and Jones. It's a tough call but going to Jones because Lions have secondary issues.

CarlisleWeenie Aug 29 '78

Yeah. Good point, but worried about what J. Nelson's return means for Jones. Fewer looks?

SamBair Aug 29 '78

I think it's the opposite, going to take some defensive pressure off Jones.