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Dr. James Andrew was astonished to find that Adrian Peterson's knee had as much wear and tear as a "newborn baby" when he operated on the freakish tailback late last December.

"I can't believe it," Andrews told Peterson's parents. "For this guy to have played as much football as he's played his whole life, and not to have hardly any wear and tear, it's incredible. I've never seen a football player, especially one who runs and cuts as much as he does, with a knee in that condition." Peterson gives the doctor credit, but insists he's just different -- "my family and genetics. Just how my body is built." Rotoworld's Pat Daugherty suggests Peterson's knees are made of rare metals found on a comet that crashed to Earth in a Norwegian forest.


Chubby91 Aug 29 '78

There are 16 teams in my league and I got him with the 9th pick in the 3rd round

hippyman Aug 27 '78



hardknock27 Aug 27 '78

bad ass..

flavor-country Aug 27 '78

where was this news when draft day was going on

ECoastThunder Aug 27 '78

no kidding

Jtaurus72 Aug 28 '78

I read between the lines and nabbed him in the 2nd rnd .... He He , But that's because i'm a freakin FF Genius sorry bout it !!!! I rule everyone else sucks !!!!!!

ECoastThunder Aug 28 '78

I would've taken him if he was available in the second round in my league he was half way through the first.

HighAlt Aug 28 '78

It wasn't half way it was the very last pick of the first and I can't believe I was still able to get him then, but he is one of about 4 players I have had to have both times I won a champ, of course I don't have two of the other three this year and everyone else is injured but I always go for AP

vspike84 Aug 29 '78

i got A.P. in the sixth round..lololol..the rest of my league is pissed

DfenderAC1 Aug 27 '78

this is the awesomest news fleaflicker has ever posted

pdougherty Aug 27 '78

hell yea hhaaha

beelly Aug 27 '78


ImaDoobieDude Aug 27 '78

Yeah I was laughed at when I took him in the 2nd rd who's laughing now

HungJury Aug 27 '78

Hilarious, however it does beg the question of how many newborns this doctor is doing knee surgeries on.

Daver-Hill Aug 27 '78

excellent point my friend!!!

Bull_Durham Aug 27 '78

I see newborns every day getting knee injuries running out of the hospital.

Somebody has to fix em!!

TheGuru26 Aug 27 '78

u took him 2nd I got him 4th rd last pick in a 12 team format I didn't wanna let him drop that far but in 12 teams u gotta strike on a player when he's available I had to take Aj green in the 3rd along with victor cruz as my previous

ImaDoobieDude Aug 27 '78

because im in a keeper league I kept mccoy in the 1st and Aj in the 10th rd I still dont feel I reached

ImaDoobieDude Aug 27 '78

Btw im in 1st place

Jtaurus72 Aug 28 '78

so was I bro so was I ..... I laughin now in 1st place with most points !!! :)