Owen Daniels TE DEN Aug 26 '787 Comments

Owen Daniels (hip) practiced again on Thursday.

Coach Gary Kubiak labeled Daniels' participation "another step in the right direction." Daniels remains on track to play against a Jaguars defense that has surprisingly been the stingiest in the NFL against fantasy tight ends.


Gil_Ger Aug 27 '78

Daniels vs the jags or Olson vs Tampa Bay

goducks2006 Aug 26 '78

funny, the last post on Daniels was that he was on pace to be back to tear up one of the worst defenses in the league...

DMoney813 Aug 27 '78

Lol no kidding. from yesterday...

Owen Daniels (hip) participated in Wednesday's practice.

Daniels' exact participation is unknown, but it puts him on track to play against the Jaguars. He would immediately slot back in as a TE1 against the Jags' ragged defense.

sweathoggz Aug 27 '78

Vernon Davis or O. Daniels

UhOhMill3r Aug 27 '78

I wanna know the same thing. O Daniels or Vernon Davis???

Fabio49ers Aug 27 '78

So, i guess cause the Jaguars practiced yesterday, they actually got better... That's the only logic...

Fabio49ers Aug 27 '78

I learned my lesson.... Davis... ON MY BENCH!!