Rashard Mendenhall RB ARI Aug 26 '7821 Comments

Isaac Redman said Thursday that it "looks like" Rashard Mendenhall (Achilles) will start versus the Ravens in Week 11.


KyleRupp Aug 27 '78

mendenhall turner or hayweard bay? flex

Templeb3 Aug 27 '78

mendenhall or marcel reece?

Highnizzle Aug 27 '78

Take it from a die hard informed ravens fan. Start Mendenhall or you will regret it. The steelers are going to run run and run some more. Probably 30 times in this game. Look for mendy to carry 15 times, Dweyer 10 and Redman 5. This is a no brainier.

CommishBobC Aug 27 '78

A "no brainier"? LOL. I know it's "Da Raydas", but Reece is in line for at least 20 touches and he's going against a Saints defense that has been bad virtually all season, especially on the road. Mendenhall will eventually be the better option, as soon as Week 12 in fact, but he's a riskier play this week. Dwyer is a good bet to get roughly equal PT, and with Big Ben sidelined the Ravens will put added emphasis on stopping the run (e.g. 8 in the box) and forcing Leftwich to have to beat them.

Timbow Aug 27 '78

For a flex option would you pick Mendenhall or Aaron Hernandez?

TheOutlaws Aug 26 '78

Who would you start at RB2?

Rashard Mendenhall vs Baltimore

James Stark vs Detroit

LaRod Stephens-Howling @ Atlanta

rmaxtpmx Aug 27 '78

i like stephens-howling. forget stark, and mendenhall's a tough call between his health questions and the indecisiveness in the backfield. at least the hyphen is the only choice and is playing a defense you can run on.

TheOutlaws Aug 27 '78

Thanks rmax!

Thias_777 Aug 26 '78

I can start two. Standard scoring league.

Jamaal Charles vs Bengals

Steven Jackson vs NY Jets

Mendenhall vs Baltimore

Which two?

adic33 Aug 27 '78

Charles and Jackson

BoysUnderJimmie Aug 26 '78

1st start since njury and its agains raven D - better hope you have better options

Thias_777 Aug 26 '78

Ravens defense absolutely sucks this season. They've sucked all year and have been even worse since losing Webb and Lewis. If you're gonna start Mendy I wouldn't be worried about the defense....It'd be worried about him re-injuring himself or being on a snap count to ease him back into the offense.

krc9683 Aug 26 '78

ravens have sucked against the run should be a good game for mendenhall assuming he's 100% healthy

TheOutlaws Aug 26 '78

That's what all of the "experts" are saying too. These are the same experts who told Mendenhall owners to sit him against Philadelphia and the same experts who told CJ2K owners to sit CJ2K against Houston, Chicago and Miami.

rmaxtpmx Aug 27 '78

ravens d is terrible, and the last time mendenhall started in his first game back, he ran for over 5 yds per carry, and scored on a reception. your argument is invalid.

swagster Aug 26 '78

How many carries...

BlueCrimson27 Aug 26 '78

between zero and all.

CommishBobC Aug 26 '78

Very helpful, BlueCrimson. Folks, remember that when Mendenhall made his long-awaited return earlier this season against the Eagles, he immediately had a substantial role and a had a solid game that included a TD.

TheOutlaws Aug 26 '78

I remember that. But I also remember his next game against Tennessee. Redman got the start last week and look what happened. I like Mendenhall but not sure if I want to start him or not. If he were 100% healthy it would be a no brainer.

lefties1 Aug 27 '78

that was philly though. The Ravens D is down a bit but they're still no cakewalk

BlueCrimson27 Aug 27 '78

I would probably shy away from Mendenhall for one more week unless desperate. When Mendenhall made that Week 5 start, Dwyer and Redmen were basically doing nothing. Dwyer looks better now than he did then. Redman is basically the odd man out but i would see who gets the hot hand and the amount of touches each guy gets after the game.