Joseph Addai RB NE Aug 26 '787 Comments

The Giants worked out free agent RB Joseph Addai on Tuesday.


likes25 Aug 26 '78

Are they interviewing for assistant coaches?

SupernaturalFan Aug 26 '78

that's funny...i hear he and Tiki Barber are the finalists for the job

Trevon22 Aug 26 '78

guess the Giants are either worried about D. Wilson not playing well or the Injuries to Bradshaw are worse than expected. they are on a bye though so who knows, maybe just seeing what the guy can do. If i was a Bradshaw owner id be a bit worried.

ScottyHamster Aug 26 '78

Because the Patriots need more running backs.

flyingwelindas Aug 26 '78

the giants NOT patriots.....the patriots emblem is his last NFL team

ScottyHamster Aug 26 '78

Oh... haha yeah I knew that but saw the Pats logo and typed that instead. Neither need more running backs haha.

slaappy Aug 26 '78