Jeremy Maclin WR KC Aug 25 '7818 Comments

Jeremy Maclin (back) is practicing in full this week.


KDCinfo Aug 27 '78

I would love to play Maclain, but think he's still banged up from last week. Praying he doesn't get laid out or pulled out... I'm gonna give him a week of watch-n-see (although that usually comes back to bite me with a 20+ game).

BWall Aug 27 '78

Same here... This season Maclin has done the opposite of when I have played him... I play him he sucks... i bench he makes me pay dearly...

mikeydoyle Aug 27 '78

Foles looked bad in relief last weekend...line always giving up pressure...there is no way this is a step up for any Philly wide out....beware.

TheOutlaws Aug 26 '78

Starting Randall Cobb at WR1 who would you pick at WR2

(Worried about Brandon Marshall vs SF 49ers with Jason Campbell at QB)

Jeremy Maclin - Brandon Marshall - Dez Bryant

useespn Aug 26 '78

maclin or reece in flex? .2ppr

Mackavelli Aug 26 '78

Who would you start in your flex this week? Maclin, Darious Howard-Bey, or Sproles?

Ewillis Aug 26 '78

maclin is projected 10 points in a ppr and desean jackson is projected something like 28. not quite sure where they came up with those numbers...

Ewillis Aug 26 '78

my bad, desean is projected 24. still, DRASTIC difference.

Sway Aug 26 '78

Thinking Foles will give Maclin an up-tick. Agreed?

albaby Aug 26 '78

i hope

StatsMcGee Aug 25 '78

great...why don't we give him a projection rather than leaving it completely blank

redskins_fan77 Aug 25 '78

redskins are giving up a ton of yards and tds to wrs you do the math :(

setheration Aug 25 '78

I'm playing maclin over torrey smith and james starks... i think

adammundle Aug 26 '78

I have maclin and starks as a flew option also, I am going with maclin. It seemed like foles looked for him a lot last week and he has a good match-up this week.

jfever24 Aug 26 '78

Hmmm. What do ya think for wr3 Maclin vs Wash or Cobb vs Det.... I'm leaning Cobb. Other two starting wr are Julio and S.Johnson.

Spudweiser Aug 26 '78


setheration Aug 26 '78


bama24sh Aug 27 '78

julio is game time pick hes bang up