Stevie Johnson WR SD Aug 25 '7811 Comments

Stevie Johnson is absent from the Week 11 injury report.

It's confirmation Johnson (thigh) escaped Sunday's loss without further injury, especially since the Bills have taken to listing players with so much as a hang nail on the injury report since getting popped for failing to disclose Mario Williams' wrist ailment. Averaging a weekly line of 4.5/55.7/0.4, Johnson will be a low-end WR2 against the Dolphins on Thursday.


jfever24 Aug 26 '78

Wondering how in the world this site says S.Johnson would be a low end WR2 vs the Miami pass defence which happens to be 29th or 30th in the NFL... At times I think they just may not know what they are talking about. I'd start S.Johnson tonight with confidence of him putting up good numbers.

Evil-Elvis Aug 26 '78

Hartline, Bush, and DHB.

MM82363 Aug 26 '78

Johnson, CJ and Denarius Moore

cvanbeber Aug 25 '78

johnson or hartline?

jfever24 Aug 26 '78

Close but - Johnson

DrDoom511 Aug 27 '78

PPR?? Hartline... Im actually playing both of them tonight. But PPR I think Hartline is a safer play Bills D cant stop anyone

JackSkita Aug 25 '78

then why is he listed as P ?

BigAreolae Aug 25 '78

Stevie Johnson or Reggie Bush?

billsrule Aug 25 '78

Johnson or Darrius Hayward-Bey vs a week Saints secondary?

JasonT Aug 26 '78

You say that as if the Dolphins secondary is good...


billsrule Aug 26 '78

weak* lol