Willis McGahee RB CLE Aug 24 '789 Comments

The Broncos are reportedly concerned about Willis McGahee's career-high five fumbles this season.

Denver's 12 lost fumbles are the second-most in the league, and McGahee is responsible for four of them. McGahee's 160 carries rank 9th in the league, and he appears to be in no danger of losing his starting job. Rookie Ronnie Hillman has struggled to run between the tackles while Knowshon Moreno has been a healthy scratch for seven consecutive games.


heidenreich Aug 26 '78

McGahee or Steven Jackson??

Vino3812 Aug 26 '78

Mcgahee is more consistantley getting points, Jackson has good and bad games. I would focus on match ups.

Vino3812 Aug 26 '78

I just looked at the match ups, really I feel you are good with either or both. But Jackson is playing the NYJ so he should have a huge game.

heidenreich Aug 27 '78

I'm planning on playing Steven Jackson now but would McGahee be worth replacing for decker, witten, or amendola?

jthorn3 Aug 27 '78

never sit decker - he is an absolute monster (aside from last week's game), amendola vs a jets defense without their top cb, i would leave him in, too, especially since he is bradford's favorite target. witten has had pretty big games his past 4 or 5, but cleveland d is pretty good against tight ends. he would be the only one that i would even consider sitting for mcgahee. definitely go jackson, decker, amendola...last one can either help or burn you. who is your starting TE that you don't want to replace with witten?

heidenreich Aug 27 '78

In my league I don't need to start a tight end and there are 6 guys. My lineup is QB (Aaron Rodgers) RB (Steven Jackson) WR (Decker) RB/WR/TE (Amendola) RB/WR/TE (Witten) and K (Vinetari) My back-ups are Carson Palmer, McGahee, and Aaron Hernandez.

jthorn3 Aug 27 '78

I would stick with what you have then. In the future, providing Hernandez is healthy, I would go with him over Witten no matter who the Pats are playing. When Hernandez is healthy, he puts up huge numbers.

heidenreich Aug 28 '78

Ok. Thanks a lot!

frice Aug 26 '78

Let's go McGahee!! Get it together!!