Ryan Fitzpatrick QB HOU Aug 24 '788 Comments

Coach Chan Gailey hinted that any quarterback drafted by the Bills in 2013 would be likely to displace Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter.

"You draft them to play them now," Gailey said. "You don't draft them to let them sit ... They're thrown in there, and they're responding extremely well right now." The Bills have been surprisingly open about their desire to find Fitzpatrick's replacement in next year's draft.


rodderzzz Aug 26 '78

I feel sorry for the quarterback they end up drafting, they've essentially already killed his career. The expectation when that guy comes in will be unbelievable and the reality is the bills have a bunch of issues and qb is now where near the biggest of them!

Dustin148 Aug 26 '78

I don't know about Fitzpatrick, he can have a great game, then next week he sucks it up... He just is not consistent.

Theleprechaun Aug 25 '78

Ive been saying it for years. Fitz is the best king do backup you can hope for. He manages games perfectly, excellent pre snap reads and he can move defenses. He just doesnt have the arm strength or accuracy to make it as a starter. The Bills are so close to having a playoff level team. Despite Fitz, the offense is scary in a big way. The need a QB and a def coordinator to become seriously dangerous

MWFLB Aug 26 '78

Fitz is not an elite QB, but he is effiicient. The Bills gave him $62 Million last year, after a very good season. The public statements by their GM and their coach, with 7 games to go, is absolutely stupid. Great morale booster for your team to admit that you screwed up.

TouchdownBundy Aug 26 '78

Agree. I really like Fitz and agree w/ both you and Fore, he's a good QB but not an elite one. The bills could use a little help at WR but otherwise their O looks dang good. The D needs some serious work. The bills could contend w/ Fitz at QB IF their D was any good. I'm not sure an upgrade at QB alone makes them a contender unless they get an RG3/Luck talent in the draft, which is doubtful. Last season's college QB class won't happen again for awhile.

Dustin148 Aug 26 '78

I agree.

begs Aug 25 '78

no doubt they been open about it... tacky man, fitz ain't great but the bills have a bunch of things that need fixin to get to the playoffs

propson87 Aug 26 '78

Agreed. The Ravens won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer....