Tim Tebow QB NE Aug 24 '785 Comments

Coach Rex Ryan said Monday he's sticking with Mark Sanchez because he's "trying to win games."


likes25 Aug 25 '78

Well ask yourself this coach Ryan, and I use the term loosely. What did Tim Tebow do last year? He just won games. At some point you got to ask yourself Rexy, Do you believe in a higher power? Can't explain it, he just wins. Wait until the Jets are eliminated from playoff contention and you are just trying to put azzes in the seats. Then he'll win you enough games to ruin the Jets 2013 draft pick position.

jjoyave1 Aug 24 '78


Oh man.


ja385 Aug 24 '78

The Old Dinosaur Rex should be fired and Sanchez Benched.

there is no Rhyme or Reason to keep Sanchez in any Longer

even if Sanchez had the Giants Wr he still would Suck !

No Harm or Foul starting Tebow now

Why don't Sanchez fake a n Injury and sit the Bench

raymor69 Aug 25 '78

agreed......by many.

raymor69 Aug 25 '78

honestly , sanchez is a p.o.s. in every aspect. there's some pop warner qbs that could fill those shoes. And any couch coach could do just as good as rediculous rex !!!