Heath Miller TE PIT Aug 24 '7811 Comments

Heath Miller caught four passes for 47 yards in Pittsburgh's Week 10 overtime victory over the Chiefs.


CoreySyrdal Aug 27 '78

Miller or Jermicheal Finley? PPR scoring

Lmcgovern10 Aug 26 '78

health miller, new qb vs balt D or brandon meyers vs terrible saints D, hmmmmmm... thoughts?

whohoward Aug 26 '78

Would you play Hernandez over him? I have a hard time benching someone consistent for another who's been on the bench most of the season.

SamBair Aug 25 '78

Yeah I don't think he's a good start this week if you have a good backup. But I wouldn't be surprised if he had a good game, backup QBs often rely on the TE. Too hard to predict right now though, if you have a decent backup TE, I'd go with him.

Chuckles-2 Aug 26 '78

I'm playing Greg Olsen and benching Heath Miller this week. :)

BergerDan Aug 26 '78

Both are risky but Olsen has some upside.

Faithful777 Aug 25 '78

pitts new QB like to pass the ball to te miller

SamBair Aug 25 '78

but he didn't one time during the game on Monday...

Faithful777 Aug 25 '78

not good not going to start him this week

Chubby91 Aug 25 '78

I'm not gonna start him

Faithful777 Aug 25 '78

time to go pick up a good te of wav