Eli Manning QB NYG Aug 23 '7812 Comments

Eli Manning will rest his arm until next Monday during the Giants' Week 11 bye.

Although the Giants and Eli have denied publicly that he's battling a "tired arm," actions tend to speak louder than words. Manning won't throw any passes or look at any film for the next week as he attempts to nurse his arm back into early-season form. Manning has now struggled in four straight games. We suspect he'll snap out of the funk soon, but there are no guarantees.


NickalusSmith Aug 26 '78

I traded him for Matt Ryan, straight up.

austinlott Aug 24 '78

the giants had a 4 game losing streak last year too. it happens when you play the most difficult schedule in the league. i took eli #2 overall but a qb doesn't make or break your team. just be smarter and have a good backup. i'm in 2nd place in my league riding fitzpatrick. trade for a backup...pick up foles...and quit whining.

austinlott Aug 24 '78

#2 pick...#14 overall

BrendanWenzel Aug 25 '78

still too early for eli in my opinion. 4th rounder at best.

mattingly_wayne Aug 24 '78

Looking at his FF chart for the season, it looks exactly like my 401k; except my 401k has bounced back.

ChuckA Aug 24 '78

Questions arm strengtn .like Peyton ???

Pigskinpooper Aug 24 '78

Hardly "elite," I'd say.

RogueTexan Aug 24 '78

Eli killed my playoff hopes in this league...shhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

Filthy_Sanchez Aug 23 '78

Eli Manning is the biggest FFT killer ever. Super Bowls or not, he's a trifling of a man compared to his brother. The Giants, like Da Bears, better be scouring for a QB unless they think David Carr can lead them to the playoffs (not lilkely).

mikeydoyle Aug 23 '78

What a fantasy embarrassment...bench boy.

Filthy_Sanchez Aug 23 '78

You know it! Amen, brother!

BrendanWenzel Aug 25 '78

had him in my starting lineup and somehow got lucky and benched him the week before his down turn. that's definitely the difference between 1st and 4th right now.