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Peyton Manning completed 27-of-38 passes for 301 yards and a touchdown at Carolina in Week 10.

Manning joins Drew Brees and Matt Ryan as the only quarterbacks to clear the 300-yard mark versus the Panthers this season. He did so on a 46-yard deep fade to Demaryius Thomas in garbage time. An efficient Manning completed over 70 percent of his passes and found Brandon Stokley wide open for a 10-yard touchdown. Losing two possession to special teams and defensive touchdowns, Manning failed to reach three scores for the first time since Week 3. He has a rematch with the Chargers in Week 11.


mattb3 Aug 25 '78

Manning or Stafford this week

ldw1995 Aug 25 '78

Manning or Rogers who do I start?

RyRy101 Aug 25 '78

I'd probably start Rodgers.. Manning did throw for 30-some points against the chargers last time, but rodgers is playing detroit, coming off a bye, and IMO has a better chance of throwing for several TDS...

ldw1995 Aug 25 '78

appreciate it

mevic1 Aug 24 '78

Are we sure this is a HUMAN Manning we're dealing with here? I think he's playing better than before that whole neck thing happened.

cogwheel Aug 24 '78

People need to remember that in 2010, the Colts were decimated by injuries. Manning was having to throw to Blair White as a starting receiver, for chrissake.

The Colts also had a completely impotent run-game, and so teams just defended Manning in nickel nearly every down.

Even so, the Colts still won 10 games that season. Then Manning was out the next season, and the very same roster of players minus Manning proceeded to be one of the worst teams in modern NFL history.

mevic1 Aug 24 '78

I'm familiar with the story, my sister is a GIGANTIC Colts/Manning fan. My point was that these are really unheard of numbers for any QB, I mean seriously, a "down" week for him was two touchdowns and 301 yards against a Panthers team that's been holding alright against QBs, like the post said only three have passed 300 yards this year. Tom Brady had to pick on the Rams in another country for the same kind of result.

DeathTube203 Aug 25 '78

1 td

mevic1 Aug 25 '78

Yep, misread that. Still impressive though.

cogwheel Aug 25 '78

In real football terms, absolutely. 70% completion percentage, 7.9 YPA, no picks. That's winning football. Only fantasy cares that he only had one TD pass. The Broncos scoreline certainly didn't.

cogwheel Aug 23 '78

Started Stafford over Manning today, in defiance of the majority of rankings.

Nailed it.

Carolina's defense has been oddly good at limiting QB fantasy production.