Marques Colston WR NO Aug 22 '785 Comments

Marques Colston caught three passes for 26 yards and a touchdown on six targets versus the Falcons in Week 10.

The Falcons have been shutting down No. 1 receivers all season. Colston did well to reach over the goal line for a 7-yard score while Jimmy Graham was stealing the show. He has a better matchup at Oakland in Week 11.


DrDoom511 Aug 24 '78

Hes earned one (expected) bad game. Falcons are no walk in the park not shut down but no walk in the park either. Also he got gang tackled in the air which caused him to drop a would be TD. It would of been hard to catch it uncovered much less with 3 tacklers knocking the crap out of you at the moment of impact.

highhudler Aug 24 '78

Of course graham is back and colston disappears why idk graham should take away coverage not this many targets!

jjoyave1 Aug 24 '78

Every saints player is going to be streaky. Except Brees. That's just how it is.

broofist Aug 25 '78

Complete crapshoot. If Sproles was around he'd be getting his too. Just be happy you didn't lay a goose egg starting one of the 5 fantasy relevant saints.

jjoyave1 Aug 25 '78

Ivory's looking to make it 6 haha.