Daniel Thomas RB MIA Aug 22 '787 Comments

Daniel Thomas rushed five times for 21 yards and added five catches for 34 yards in the Dolphins' Week 10 loss to the Titans.

Thomas came off the bench behind Reggie Bush early on. But after Bush carelessly lost a fumble on the Dolphins' second drive, Thomas was the feature back. He was only spelled briefly by Lamar Miller. This will mark the third straight game that Thomas has played more snaps than Bush as his stock continues to rise. Keep an eye on Bush's standing with coaches as the Dolphins get set to play in Buffalo Week 11.


G-R-I-M Aug 25 '78

What the Hell - one fumble and Bush see's the pine? Who the hell do I play this Thursday - Thomas or Bush?

baileyfamh Aug 25 '78

Honestly? Neither if you can help it!

G-R-I-M Aug 25 '78

Ouch - I know but you can't ignore the matchup can you? A short week = more running. . .unless your the Fins and are looking to play yourself out of the playoff chase . . .

YoungKeesey Aug 25 '78

I'm trying to figure out the same thing, here are my RBs: Trent Rich, Bush, D. Thomas, CJ Spiller, and Marcel Reese. Last week I started Bush and Spiller, and Bush, well, you guys know what happened last week. I'm thinking about starting Trent, Spiller, and Reece, and leaving those two out this week. What do you guys think?

On a side note, I usually start Miles Austin as my 3rd flex, but am probably going to start a 3rd RB for once. PPR League.

Justin_D Aug 27 '78

I think you should start Thomas as 3rd rb. Even with very few touches per game so far this year, he puts up respectable numbers. And now with Bush in bad graces with coaches, Thomas' touches will go up by 8-10. Id bank on that rather than praying for Reece to show up out of nowhere and put up good numbers. Plus the Raiders are pass heavy this yr....

G-R-I-M Aug 27 '78

I think the FREAKIN Fins Suck !

YoungKeesey Aug 28 '78

Bahahaha. All I have to say is I benched thomas and Bush this week! Go me! Hahaha You're right, commish. They are going to have to do something magical to get back into my starting lineup... the bill suck and they couldn't get anything going there. Plus it seems the coaches really hate Reggtron.