Chris Johnson RB NYJ Aug 22 '784 Comments

Chris Johnson rushed 23 times for 126 yards with a touchdown in the Titans' 37-3 Week 10 blowout of the Dolphins.

Johnson continues to flash 2009 speed, decisiveness and tenacity in blitz pickups. Over his last five games, he is averaging 130.4 rushing yards a day, getting 6.72 yards per carry and has scored four touchdowns. Outside of Adrian Peterson, there aren't any backs running better right now. Johnson will be a strong RB1 option when the Titans come out of their bye against the Jaguars in Week 12. He's back.


Khova Aug 23 '78

he's back BITC HES

Templeb3 Aug 23 '78


knoxfan Aug 22 '78

That's why I picked him in the first round....

Easportz Aug 23 '78