Beanie Wells RB ARI Aug 20 '785 Comments

Beanie Wells insists (turf toe, I.R./designated for return) he felt better after Wednesday's return to practice than he's felt in more than a year.

"You're going to see the vintage Beanie Wells. The real deal," said Wells, adding that the time off has done wonders for his surgically-repaired knee. The Cardinals desperately need Wells back in the lineup. Thanks to a woeful offensive line, though, they don't a single back with at least 25 carries and a per-carry average of 3.0 yards or more.


LegionSB Aug 24 '78

Well then, you might want to change where it says "out for season" on his Fleaflicker injury designation, yes?

begs Aug 21 '78

vintage beanie wells? he's 24 years old and has been hurt his entire career... wtf exactly are we gonna see chris?

TouchdownBundy Aug 21 '78

unfortunately we'll probably see the real Beanie Wells, high expectations/low production.

iWINYOULOOZ Aug 21 '78

i think what happened was he switch spots with Flo-Rida. bc his songs have sucked and his production has sucked as well.

chekc it out

G-R-I-M Aug 20 '78

Which one is the "Real Deal" - The one that had over 1000yds and 10TDs last season on a couple moster games or the one who's had only 3 100yd+ rushing games? The one w/7 TDs his rookie season (2009) or the one who couldn't stay upright in 2010? - So far he's been an every other year player - 2009,2011 good...2010/12 bad. . .I'll draft him in the late rounds next year just to see if it's true. ..