Brandon Marshall WR NYJ Aug 19 '7834 Comments

Texans DC Wade Phillips promises to double-cover Brandon Marshall on every play Sunday night.

Phillips has a good read on a Bears offense that is overly reliant on short passes to Marshall due to poor pass protection. "They've only thrown it to one guy basically," said Phillips. "They do a great job of that." According to Football Outsiders, the Texans are the most effective defense in the league against No. 1 receivers. Don't be surprised if a streaking Marshall is slowed in Week 10.


YoungKeesey Aug 23 '78

Just wanted to check in on this post... Marshall had another good game fellas! Even after all this "double-cover" stuff. Play your studs!

Hemsley Aug 21 '78

This shouldn't be news to anybody. Marshall's been double covered for most of the season. They'll still get him the ball and he'll still get you points. The texans D is good, but still only 9th in points allowed to opposing WR's ( They've given up double digit points to Nelson, Cobb, Jones, Decker, Stokley and Wright so far this season. It probably won't be a blockbuster game, but you shouldn't be asking if you should play him over people like Hartline or Lloyd or Maclin, he's the #2 wr on the season averaging 90 yrds and a TD per game and has been double digits 6/8 weeks including 30 points last week, start him.

Deaver2 Aug 21 '78

im a huge bears fan and i have marshall. hes a beast! he will have a decent game but i worry about cutler. Ive got R. white vs N.O. bad def. and wes welker vs bills also. Just not sure who to go with.... stud or match ups?

FAYDAWG Aug 22 '78

i would go match ups man the atl no and ne buf are both gonna be shoot outs

Hemsley Aug 22 '78

The rule is start your studs, (un?)fortunately for you all three of those WR's are pretty studly this week :D. I'd rank marshall and welker pretty close, espn guys seem to agree ( and you absolutely need to start White, or anybody really, against NO. I would personally go with White and Welker and have Marshall a very close 3rd, but you'd need to have a pretty stacked RB core to not put him in at the flex.

morkusyambo Aug 22 '78


YoungKeesey Aug 22 '78

I agree with this 100%. My Three WRs are Marshall, Wayne, and Miles Austin. I have a hard time sitting any of them, and in fact, the past few weeks have worked out better with 3 WR (PPR). Something to think about. In my RBs I have Trent Rich, R. Bush, and Spiller, so some decent players, but I like my WRs.

TheOutlaws Aug 21 '78

Well this isn't good news, especially when I face the second highest scoring team in my league without the services of Rodgers, Cobb,MJD, Run-DMC and Mendenhall....Do I dare bench Marshall???

Which 2 WR's would you start?

Marshall vs Houston

Bryant @ Philadelphia

Lloyd @ Buffalo

Maclin vs Dallas

Was thinking of dropping someone to pick up Kenny Britt who is due for a big game soon and Miami just might be the perfect match up for that.

morkusyambo Aug 21 '78

Marshall and Bryant. Only reliable option in Philly is McCoy. Lloyd is good, but the last time out was an outlier. He is no better than the 4th option in that offense. Bryant seems to be getting more consistent lately.

Deaver2 Aug 21 '78

Id play marshall and lloyd

FAYDAWG Aug 22 '78

i would and am starting marshall and bryant too many mouths to feed in new england and vick never has enough time to throw the ball

morkusyambo Aug 22 '78

And when he does its to the other team:)

egill Aug 21 '78

I need to pick 2 - B. Marshall, M. Colston, Calvin Johnson, Mike Wallace

TheOutlaws Aug 21 '78

Megatron and Wallace

superhero Aug 22 '78


Calvim and Marshall. You will NEVER start anyone else barring injury.

you wanna join our league egill? It's only a few $$$

TheOutlaws Aug 22 '78

I get what you're saying, you got to start your studs every game barring injury but Marshall's match up this weekend is a tough one, especially when you consider JJ Watt and company against Cutler who rattles easy and the chance of rain. Wallace goes up against the Chiefs, a much safer match up in my humble opinion.

YoungKeesey Aug 22 '78

Outlaws, I did the exact same thing with Marshall when he played the Cowboys: at the time, they were at, or close to, #1 pass defense. I benched him, and he went off for 25 points, and that would have won me my game. The lesson here? Start the studs!

AGIII Aug 21 '78

my only option is to sit marshall over hardline, and i just can't bring myself to it...not to mention i got beast forte

AGIII Aug 21 '78


YoungKeesey Aug 21 '78

More times than not this season, when I've benched one of my "studs", it has ended up screwing me over. I don't know about your league, but in mine, Marshall is the #1 receiver. You can't bench him.

TheOutlaws Aug 21 '78

I agree but its not just Marshall facing double teams all game but Cutler facing JJ Watt and company....which Cutler will show there is a chance of thunderstorms in Chicago.

KingTut23 Aug 21 '78

Yea I'm with u .. Early in the season I benched players becuz of match ups but studs gonna do what studs do good or bad d... And Marshall seems to be having one of thoses Denver seasons..

Dannyboy79 Aug 20 '78

ima start Michael Crabtree and Victor Cruz over him,i just dont think he will have that big of a game this week

begs Aug 21 '78

dude! do NOT start michael crabtree over him, that is a huge mistake

Dannyboy79 Aug 22 '78

i honestly dont want to but i just think Marshalls going to get shutout today

brandonmc87 Aug 20 '78

I'm sitting him for Decker and Julio Jones

morkusyambo Aug 21 '78

I'm playing him with Decker and Julio Jones:)

GloriousLeader Aug 21 '78

I'm playing him with Demaryius Thomas and Julio Jones. Of course, I just snapped up Emmanuel Sanders who will be starting for the injured Antonio Brown on Monday night at home versus Kansas City. Whaddya think? Should I go with Sanders instead?

morkusyambo Aug 21 '78

Instead of Marshall? No. If you can only play two and are worried about Houston's D then Thomas and Jones aren't bad at all.

I'm hoping Jones goes off on NO. I also have Brees, which means a shootout, which means fantasy goodness all around:)

GloriousLeader Aug 21 '78

No, I gotta play three. So it'll be Marshall, Thomas and Jones for me.

Riggs44R Aug 21 '78

I'm sitting him for Decker and Julio also, plus Graham in my flex(Gronk is starting TE)

morkusyambo Aug 22 '78

That is a no brainer if the only other option is Sanders.

Chadeeo Aug 20 '78

As long as it's not triple-coverage

bkiser87 Aug 21 '78

i got r white v jax marshall and decker... who to play im just not sure i have to play 2 i thought about jax and white i dont want to sit marshall though