Pierre Thomas RB NO Aug 17 '788 Comments

Pierre Thomas rushed for 44 yards on six carries and caught two passes for 26 yards in New Orleans' Week 9 win over the Eagles.


TheOutlaws Aug 18 '78

Stupid Question: If you desperately needed depth at RB due to injuries and an emergency RB2 who would be the better option? Pierre Thomas or Chris Ivory?

I know Thomas is the veteran and is used "at times" like Philly used Brian Westbrook BUT Ivory looks like a beast in this suddenly potent three headed RB attack

Greg_W Aug 18 '78

Vick Ballard...

SamBair Aug 19 '78

Its really impossible to say at this point, see my post below. I'd still go with Thomas at this point though. I guess it also depends on if your league is PPR. Ivory has really only had one game to judge off of and Thomas has been a very solid player for years now who deserves more carries.

SamBair Aug 17 '78

Only 6 carries for what should be a #1 RB. So annoying.

broofist Aug 17 '78

Did you not watch the game? Even with 44 on 6 , the 2 other backs posted similar YPC numbers.

kluver26 Aug 17 '78

I think that might be BG's point. If the others are no better, why to just give the starter more runs?

L3SS3_RAWND0 Aug 18 '78

i agree, seems like he's been very underrated for a very long time now.

SamBair Aug 18 '78

Yes I watched the game, as I've watched every Saints game this season. See the two posters below you. Just doesn't make sense to be giving Ivory (who had 1 carry prior to this game) 10 carries and give Thomas (who has been a very productive player for the Saints for years now) 6 carries and very few plays in general. The lack of snaps Thomas got was very bad news. It seemed like every time Thomas got on the field he got the ball, meaning he was only on the field for about 10 snaps. Very bad news for those depending on Thomas to replace Sproles.