Tony Romo QB DAL Aug 16 '789 Comments

ESPN Dallas reports Tony Romo stopped extension talks to "concentrate on the season."

Beat writer Calvin Watkins emphasizes the Cowboys are still hoping to lock Romo up long-term. Executive VP Stephen Jones recently said the Cowboys want Romo to retire in Dallas. Although Romo is on pace for a career-worst 26 interceptions, he's also on track for a career-best 4,788 yards. Signed through 2013, Romo will turn 33 in April.


G-R-I-M Aug 27 '78

I'm rolling with Romo - Ironically I just traded for the guy as insurance for my starting QB - and it's a good thing I did because Big Ben went down and out - In a 12 team league I would've been screwed had not made the move. . .

mark_pundurs Aug 21 '78

Fitzpatrick or Tony Romo this weekend?

StickOfMac Aug 22 '78

Its me Looking for the same answer, I guess I'm going 2 play Fitzpatrick the match up is so good...

mark_pundurs Aug 22 '78

Same here - I'm just nervous because I projected him to do better last week against a middling Texans pass D.

StickOfMac Aug 22 '78

I here u .... The good thing is New England should be ahead so Fitzpatrick will be passing the whole game.... Good luck

mark_pundurs Aug 22 '78

thx! u 2

StickOfMac Aug 22 '78

Hey my lost friend..... U gotta love it !!!

StickOfMac Aug 22 '78

My team... I do alsi have RG3 onhis by week & hicks etc..

mark_pundurs Aug 23 '78

Yup, Fitz was the right call - by 128 yards.