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Vincent Jackson caught two passes for 84 yards and a touchdown in the Bucs' Week 9 win over the Raiders.

Jackson's receptions went for 64 deep down the field and 20 for the score. Through eight games, V-Jax has greatly exceeded our preseason expectations. He's on pace for just 62 receptions, but 1,420 yards, and 12 touchdowns. He's averaging an incredible 22.9 yards per catch. Perhaps the YPR will come down, but the yardage and scoring won't if Josh Freeman stays hot. Keep trotting out V-Jax as a WR1/2 when the Bucs face San Diego in Week 10.


cubs0708 Aug 17 '78

Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, and Vincent Jackson.......that's called drafting my friends.

TouchdownBundy Aug 17 '78

lol. either that or your league-mates are pretty inept at drafting. I really wanted Marshall myself but gotta admit didn't think Roddy would be as good as he has been this year. No chance for me to get Julio Jones (he went late 1st or early 2nd).

hardknock27 Aug 17 '78

Sounds like a small league! Im playing in an 18 team, keeper, prize league! Im doing good to have Vjax, Stevie Johnson, and Stephen Hill as my WR's!

Filthy_Sanchez Aug 18 '78

Let me guess, your QB is Matt Cassel and your RB's are Darren McFadden and DeMarco Murray and you can only start two of those four. You're a freakin' genius (LMFAO)!!!

TouchdownBundy Aug 19 '78

haha. that's pretty good but I checked its only a 8 team and he can start 3 of the 4. Still makes you wonder who the other people in his league were drafting. Maybe he's decided to play this year against Mrs. Robinson's 4th grade class from Roosevelt elementary.

cubs0708 Aug 20 '78

Same 8 people in league since we started in 1991 when you children we still wearing diapers and had no idea what fantasy football was. Oh running backs Foster and Mcgahee, Morris. QBs Luck and Stafford. 22year of playing...6 championships...$300 per team ...$2 for every transaction....winner take all.

TouchdownBundy Aug 20 '78

I gotta respect the $300 price tag. Still don't know how you could get Foster, Stafford ( high ranked pre-season pick) and all those highly ranked WR's even in an 8 man but you did so good for you. Luck, Mcgahee and Morris definitely good picks.

cubs0708 Aug 20 '78

We can franchise 1 player each year. I had Brady. One team had McCoy , Foster,and Stafford but could only keep one. I swapped fifth round pick for Foster and Stafford. Then sent Brady to another team that finished last and had first pick. We have been doing this since 91 and we have always done draft reverse order first two rounds no snake. So last place team gets 1st and 9th pick in draft. For Brady I got 6th round pick and we swapped picks in first and second round. I was drafting 7th and 15th. So I could keep Foster as a franchise and have 1st pick. Rogers,Newton,Brees, Rice, Brady, McCoy, C. Johnson were franchised. Took Stafford number 1 and grabbed J. Jones with number 9 pick. then hit R. White, V. Jackson, and B. Marshall with next 3 picks. Mcgahee followed. After draft traded L. Moore for Green -Ellis and Morris.

TouchdownBundy Aug 20 '78

I understand better now. Our draft is a snake, no franchise players. Nice trade btw, Morris has been great until the last two weeks. Nice manuevering to get Foster (he's a yearly stud), I take it the other team franchised Shady (I'd personally would've stayed with Foster, he's always 1st or 2nd every year among RB's in our league) but I can't fault him for wanting to keep McCoy. Stafford hasn't panned out yet so far this year, but hell you can't win 'em all.

cubs0708 Aug 23 '78

Other team did keep McCoy coming off great year. I almost traded Foster to another team but I wanted 2nd round pick. If I made that trade I would have franchised Stafford and taken Calvin Johnson with first pick. Thank god that didn't happen. Sometimes the best trades are the ones that never happen. Stafford has really blown but drafting Andrew Luck has saved my ass. I've been trying to pry Manning away from guys who wouldn't give me second for Foster but they are still pissed about that no deal. They ended up trading for Calvin Johnson and franchised him. They gave up 3rd for Johnson and wouldn't part with 2nd for Foster. I told them at the time that if I were I.n their shoes I would have done the deal in a heartbeat and done the dance of joy. As for the team that kept Shady over Foster, I always ask for the player other than the one I really want. It usually works. I asked for McCoy and settled for Foster who I really wanted. The key to the trade was also getting Stafford cuz that guaranteed me the two top players on my board that weren't franchised. But I was wrong on Stafford and the Lions. They have regressed.

JSoccorso28 Aug 16 '78

Hit or miss every week, thinking of maybe trading him while he had a big game

JSoccorso28 Aug 16 '78

Probably not though, when he's on, he's ON

tmactown01 Aug 16 '78

I have him cruz and Marshall so even if he misses someone gonna hit.

DonTerminator Aug 16 '78

He has more hits than misses this year so far...

TouchdownBundy Aug 16 '78

nice situation to be in. mines not as good as yours but its not so bad- got VJax, Decker and Cobb.

hess23 Aug 17 '78

VJax, Decker, J. Nelson and H. Miller.

tmactown01 Aug 17 '78

Yeah I had a nice draft this year around. My only busts are hernadez and Newton.

hess23 Aug 17 '78

Miller was a wavier pick. I took AP in the 3rd round and picked up A. Morris as a wavier.

hess23 Aug 17 '78

very lucky

bkiser87 Aug 17 '78

agreed i got v jax, b marshall, roddy white, e decker someone will have a good week with me too

hess23 Aug 17 '78

These next two weeks are tough for me. Major losses due to byes. I drafted #1 so I have Rogers at QB. I have a big enough lead to make it thru to week 12 and still be in the playoff hunt.

Pigskint Aug 18 '78

Gotta love those 4 team leagues...

Saying that, I have AJ, Vjax, Wallace and Austin- I just don't trust VJax enough

hess23 Aug 18 '78


stealman1 Aug 18 '78

i have Vjax, and sat Austin this week, he let me down bad last week, caused me the game, he only had to catch 1 td. or at least 95 yards, ( big dissapointment, that's them Cowgirls for you; LOL)