Jermichael Finley TE GB Aug 15 '786 Comments

Jermichael Finley managed one catch for six yards on two targets in the Packers' Week 9 win.

So much for Finley playing a bigger role against the Cardinals. He was targeted just twice, and Aaron Rodgers continues to largely ignore Finley in the passing game. Consider dropping Finley during Green Bay's Week 10 bye.


MASTER-MARK Aug 16 '78


Gowkowski was on a BYE weeks, so I've had no choice but to start this BUM,

tonyh322 Aug 17 '78

No choice? How big is your league where Finley was the only viable tight end available?

cogwheel Aug 18 '78

Normal for 12-team leagues. 12-team isn't that big.

SgtStephen Aug 18 '78

Jermichael Finley and "elite TE" should not be used in the same sentence unless "is not" is between them

tonyh322 Aug 19 '78

Last year he had 55/767/8. Before the likes of Gronkowski and Graham that was incredible fantasy and real-world production for a TE. Two years before that (he only payed 5 games in 2010 due to injury) he played 3 games less and still had 55/676/5.

So in the only 2 years before now he has been an NFL starter and played more than 5 games he has turned in elite TE production. And this year he has either been hurt, limited, or not thrown the ball.

I don't disagree that he probably isn't going to help you much in fantasy this year but I also think he is still an elite TE when he gets to play.

SgtStephen Aug 29 '78

Good point, i was just fed up with him because he hasn't done very much this year.