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Chris Johnson rushed 16 times for 141 yards and a touchdown in Tennessee's Week 9 loss to the Bears, but also lost two fumbles.

He added four catches for four yards. Johnson was having a forsaken afternoon until early in the fourth quarter, where he found a seam and dashed 80 yards to the house. The 80-yard touchdown was the fifth of his career, and provided the final score in Tennessee's embarrassing 51-20 loss. Before his big scamper, Johnson had just 54 yards on 14 carries to go along with his two lost fumbles. The good news is, CJ?K was again running with purpose, rarely getting knocked down behind the line, and typically tacking on extra yardage. He's had 90-yard afternoons in five of his past six games, and has moved well beyond his embarrassing start to the season.


iWINYOULOOZ Aug 18 '78

CJ can def break these out at any time, and he is a decent rb otherwise. all that being said. he is matchup proof but his o-line is the problem. his explosiveness cannot be contained...he just needs an opportunity to break away.

i think if you put arian foster in his shoes. he will suck...just not as fast. (havent seen their numbers, but from the tape...not even close). you cant make smooth cuts if your holes are constantly collapsing

Mitch234123 Aug 17 '78

i got dalton vs giants and cj vs miami def start but who do i start willis mcgahee or felix jones i got mike wallace as a must start who do i start thomas(dont know if hurt) hawkins vs giants or stevie johnson (questionable) vs pats

BradyNation Aug 17 '78

first, the bears are f##kn nasty. he ran hard, and will always have that chance of a cheap long td run. has put up very nice points. I clown my buddy in my league for dropping him and I got in waivers in a blind bid set up wire claim system. Quit hatin bc hes a dbag, i hate the clownt oo but hes starting for me unless hurt or bye week.

TheOutlaws Aug 17 '78

So we obviously start him against another tough defense in Miami in week 10....right???

djm180 Aug 17 '78

If you think he's gonna rip off another 80-yard run in garbage time, then yeah. Otherwise, no.

yankees5520 Aug 17 '78

I've started him for the past 4 weeks, won't stop until he gives me reason not to start him.

TheOutlaws Aug 17 '78

I didn't start him but thank God I won in a nail bitter. I have no choice but to start him now with Benson, MJD, Mendenhall and Run-DMC either out or questionable...makes things tough when trying to make the playoffs.

yankees5520 Aug 16 '78

It's amazing how many hater CJ2K has, I'm thankful he's on my team and I don't care what the situation is, he got me points to help me win. That's all that matters lol

Snake_bitten Aug 16 '78

Even if the starters were in, if you're winning by 31 points...I don't care if Lombardi is your coach, your players are gonna coast. I doubt Chicago was blitzing at that point.

Garbage time is garbage time. When the game mattered CJ did what he did all year. Put up junk numbers. lol

14/54 before the game was a complete joke. I'm certainly convinced. xD

I didn't even mention the fumbles. Nice work! I'm so sad I dumped him 5 weeks ago now.

djm180 Aug 16 '78

Yeah, but come on. What was he even doing in the game? Why risk injury when you're down 39 points?!?!? He's such a big part of that offense, but running is not considered the best strategy when you're down 39. You have to admit this was *absolutely ridiculous*.

djm180 Aug 16 '78

THIS WAS SUCH A FLUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was terrible for 3 and 1/3rd quarters. Then, he shouldn't have even been in the game!!!! Horrible coaching!!! Down 39, you keep handing off to your #1 running back and risk him getting injured when you need to be passing. Yeah, the TD happened and made it look like a smart move, but this WAS SUCH A GIGANTIC FLUKE!!!!!!!!! I benched him and was feeling GREAT about it, when it was 51-12 Bears with 10 minutes left. I refresh my browser thinking the game's close to going final and I see 16.5 Fantasy Points for Johnson... I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? And guess what? THEY WERE. BECAUSE FANTASY FOOTBALL IS A GIGANTIC JOKE AND THIS IS ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED.

BradyNation Aug 17 '78

FF a foot ball is a joke? It takes statistics and gives them a point rating not the players chances of flukes happening? Happens every week. Hes a big play guy, think maybe they might have expected them to expect a pass? Arent you a little emotional? Its a game. Take a chill pill.

iWINYOULOOZ Aug 18 '78

all i hear is you crying because you didn't start him.

BradyNation Aug 19 '78

for sure. I started him, forte and leashoure. Nice week with Brady and Ridley on byes, and v cruz ans p harvin struggling this week.Got me a W with authority and I started Skelton. Fluke that cry baaby!

Khova Aug 16 '78


JSCUBS Aug 16 '78

You didnt see the game, chicage had their starters on the field until END of the fourth quarter

Snake_bitten Aug 16 '78

They lost by 31 points. I think Chicago had it's practice team on the field by the 4th Qtr.

Not that I saw the game, but that was garbage time.

djm180 Aug 16 '78

When does a #1 RB on a team EVER, EVER, EVER keep getting handed the ball when his team is down 39 points with 10 minutes to go?!??!?! And when does he EVER TO THE 40TH POWER then take that handoff and go 80 yards to the house against a good defense?!?!??! COMPLETE FLUKE!!!!!!!

matt82x Aug 16 '78

calm down, man. He gets the ball because they know they aren't going to win, they're just trying to successfully run plays at that point. He takes it 80 yds for the td because he's the best big play rb of all time

djm180 Aug 16 '78

I'm calm, I just can't state enough how much of a fluke this was. You are wrong. Yes, he's pretty good, but this never should have happened. Anyone who benefited from it was soooooo lucky and anyone who benched him was sooooo unlucky. It was a great benching. I'll stand by it forever. His final score should have been 2.5 Fantasy Points, as he shoulda spent the entire 4th on the bench. I've NEVER seen this kind of thing happen in the 30 years I've been watching football. A #1 Running Back on a team losing by 30+ points NEVER tears off an 80-yard TD run. Complete fluke. And you should recognize it as such. It might be helpful down the road to recognize what was legit and what was just crazy luck.

matt82x Aug 16 '78

I agree that it was smart to bench him. I did too. But I wouldn't say it was a fluke. It was a run against their starting d. They had not pulled their stars. It was garbage time, but that doesn't really matter does Marshall's second td not count?

djm180 Aug 16 '78

Do you often see Running Backs do well in the 4th Quarter of a game where their team is losing by 35+ points?! No, you just don't. Here are the various reasons.

1- In a blowout like this, the #1 RB usually isn't even in there... To avoid injury and because it's considered "useless" at that point.

2- Hence, Point #2 comes up... They will usually be *throwing like crazy* when down 35+ points.

3- When a team has played suffocating defense like that for 3 Quarters, they usually will play a "prevent" type defense and stop all long plays when they're winning that big.

4- Like you said, it was their 1st team defense that held that team to 4 field goals all game.

5- TOTAL FLUKE. There's just no way around it.

But thanks for acknowledging it was a smart benching.

djm180 Aug 16 '78

And, yes, Marshall's 2nd TD was crap too. I had Robbie Gould and I was like..WTF!?!?! Why are you throwing there? They were up like 30+ points and they're throwing... It shoulda been, short run, short run, field goal. It counts but it was dumb and was a bit of a fluke too. Not *nearly* as much of a fluke as the Johnson TD though.

allegeneegenac Aug 16 '78

you are annoying.

Templeb3 Aug 16 '78

lol i started cj thanks for the points bud

LtAllen Aug 16 '78

You just mad you started Peyton Hillis over Chris Johnson. Now that sir, was a dumb move especially since you had Jamal Charles starting also. smh, he's Chris Johnson and he's capable of big games. Get over it! I had him on the bench too.

djm180 Aug 17 '78

Nah, you guys just don't get it. It was a great benching.

TheOutlaws Aug 17 '78

Yes I have seem other RB's do well with their team well behind. As a matter of fact CJ2K did this very same thing against the Texans. Sure it was garbage time and Houston's D packed it in for the day.

I don't get why you are making a big issue of Tennessee continuing to play their top running back when they are down by 35+ points. He gets paid big bucks to play right???

Youngblood Aug 17 '78

Dude you sound retarded. Get over it, and give yourself a big pat on the back for benching him. I benched him too because it was a rough matchup for him, but that doesn't take anything away from what he did. By the way, teams don't generally pull defensive starters no matter what the lead is unless they have been dealing with an injury or something. I'm sure the Bears had their starters in. In your 30 years watching football how many times have you seen a team bench its defensive starters? You starting both Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis against the Chargers rather than starting CJ or Bradshaw, or both was a rediculous thing to do.

djm180 Aug 17 '78

What's your point about benching defensive starters? That bolsters my case even more. If the starters were in there, that *definitely* shouldn't have happened. I didn't mention that myself, because that doesn't matter to me. 80-yard TD runs are *extremely rare*, no matter what defense is in there. My point is this was a massive fluke. I don't care what I sound like. I think it's pretty obvious it was extremely lucky that he tore off an 80-yard TD run. I would bet he has a pretty miserable game next week and looks like crap again. This time he won't rip off some ridiculous 80-yard run on his only effective play of the game.

allegeneegenac Aug 17 '78

You do realize that this is WHY you start CJ2K no matter what? Sometimes you get burned, other times he gets you a 14 point play. You win some, you lose some. But you don't bench CJ2K for Peyton Hillis.

TheOutlaws Aug 17 '78


djm180 Aug 17 '78

I didn't actually bench him for Hillis. I benched Ahmad Bradshaw for Hillis originally. Hillis was in the Thursday game and I bought into the idea that the Chiefs were going to have a big game and Hillis was going to get going finally and have a good game. After that, I was going to play CJ as my Flex, but then chose to go with other options. It turned out my Flex player was Desean Jackson, who score just about the same as CJ. I woulda looked like a genius if things had gone as they should have and CJ ends the game with about 3 Fantasy Points.

allegeneegenac Aug 17 '78

You could say the same thing about DJAX's flukey score, which was a complete blown coverage. I started both CJ2K and DJAX, and got lucky on both of them. THAT'S HOW FANTASY WORKS. Why can't you admit you were wrong? Fool.

Gridiron-IQ Aug 17 '78

CJ sucks on old balls...they had him playing that late because they want him to get injured so they have another reason to get rid of his sorry ass...any1 that that likes CJ also like old balls too...haha

djm180 Aug 18 '78

Because my point is not wrong. You RARELY EVER see a #1 RB *even in the game* in the 4th Quarter of a 30+ point blowout!!!!! I'm not saying it didn't happen. It did happen. But it was about the luckiest thing you will EVER see. That ISN'T HOW FANTASY WORKS. It very, very rarely works like that. You will 99% of the time have to accept a terrible performance from your RB in a blowout like that where he has been so bad. I guarantee you will see no RB who has scored 3 or less fantasy points in the 4th Quarter of a blowout, on the losing team, score more than 5 points overall.

YoungKeesey Aug 18 '78

This is so false it's not even funny. This is why your record is a losing one, DJM. Of course the #1 RB stays in most of the game, even in a blowout. In fact, that's when runs can work the best, as CJ proved here. The defense is so worried about the pass, because you're down 30+, that they don't adjust to the run well enough. SO please take your ignorant, annoying rants, somewhere else. Oh and a public admission here that we are right and you are wrong would be great, thanks.