Jimmy Graham TE NO Aug 15 '7816 Comments

Jimmy Graham is not listed on the Saints' Week 9 injury report.

Graham was able to play through his ankle injury last week, so this is a sign that he's close to being fully recovered. The Saints are relatively healthy going into Monday night's game. LB David Hawthorne (hamstring) and WR Joe Morgan (chest) practiced fully on Saturday and are officially listed as probable.


SeahawksD12 Aug 15 '78

A. Bradshaw or Jimmy Graham for a flex?

StickOfMac Aug 15 '78

Graham he's a beast.....


Agree. I gotta a sneaking suspicion that Bradshaw will injured.

Ernest_A Aug 15 '78

Ppr league : Lynch or Witten @ flex ? Graham is my te

mazza Aug 15 '78

dude lynch... dont be stupid this dude runs on everyone and go by touches... he will get 20-25

Snake_bitten Aug 15 '78

After Witten's performance last week, how could you bench him in a PPR league? You must have some insane RB's to be considering Lynch as a Flex and not as a starting RB.

Ernest_A Aug 15 '78

We only start 1 rb in my league and for me that's Foster

Highnizzle Aug 15 '78

I have jimmy graham and Lance Moore nobviously I'm going to start graham. But who would you start in the flex in a ppr league where all receptions are worth 1 point?

Lance Moore

Isaac Redman

Daniel Thomas

TheOutlaws Aug 15 '78


mazza Aug 15 '78

redman is starting rb ... he will get 3-4 receptions.. along with 20 carries. its a tough call but with dwyer and mendenfall out id go with redman

Trevon22 Aug 15 '78


woljrvkng Aug 15 '78

Graham,Witten,Bush, & Fitz PICK 2

ECoastThunder Aug 15 '78

easy- Graham and Witten (trade Fitz)

ECoastThunder Aug 15 '78

before a couple weeks go by and he's not worth it to anyone

tlikey5 Aug 15 '78

graham and bush..especially if its not a PPR even if it is.. BUSH plays the COLTS...

Witten isn't going to have 115 catches again this week.

tlikey5 Aug 15 '78

but yea trade fitz.. Fantasy wise he is terrible. Bad situation for a great player.