Chris Johnson RB NYJ Aug 14 '7830 Comments

Since 2008, Chris Johnson has averaged 104.8 yards in 17 games played in November.

It's the only month Johnson has averaged more than 100 yards a game, but it's an extreme longshot he hits the century mark against the Bears top-ranked run defense. Chicago gives up just 77.9 yards per game on the ground, and the only RB to score on them this season was Donald Brown in Week 1.


cutty316 Aug 15 '78

Need input Johnson or mccoy this week not sure who to start?

JoeyGugliuzza Aug 15 '78

Most terrible question every asked ever

iSpyGate Aug 15 '78

English please?

djm180 Aug 15 '78

Here's the thing. Johnson already has a bad matchup, then on top of that Chicago's offense should be successful against this bad Tennessee defense. Hence, blowout in the favor of Chicago early on. So, Tennessee will abandon the run early on most likely. Then you have Harper vulturing TDs off of CJ too on top of that. Should be a good week to bench CJ.

JoeyGugliuzza Aug 15 '78

Only thing that makes sense on this message board

RJG231811 Aug 14 '78

Alfred Morris vs. CAR

DMC vs. TB

Reggie Wayne vs. MIA

Julio Jones vs. DAL

A.J. Green vs. DEN

12 team ppr , I already started Ryan Mathews vs. KC , and was expecting a lot more .. but I have 2 WR spots , 1 RB spot , and a flex spot . I'm thinking about sitting DMC , and I feel like A.J. Green is too hard to sit . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks .

justin_jiz Aug 15 '78

Sit DMC... TB run defense isnt all that bad.. A. J. is all cincy has he will get his

RJG231811 Aug 15 '78

Ok thanks man , I was thinking that too its just a tough decision , anyway , good luck this week !

JoeyGugliuzza Aug 15 '78

What do any of these questions have to do with CJ?

RJG231811 Aug 15 '78

Nothing , I just couldnt find any player article worth commenting on . Most are irrelivent lineman . Haha

JoeyGugliuzza Aug 15 '78

In that case I'm not sure you know. It's hard to bench Green or Jones but Wayne has a good matchup this week. Green will have Bailey on him... But Cowboys D is damn good. Usually when d's start shutting down Ryan he goes to his security blankets (white and gonzo). Then again DMC has been terrible this year and Tampas d is solid. Morris has a good matchup but im not a fan of him. Honestly I dunno... You made this right choice in mathews (unfortunately that didn't work out). I'd take a gamble with DMC and leave Morris the odd man out.

- a lot of rambling but in the end I think morris is the worst player with least potential, especially after Carolina romps them.

RJG231811 Aug 15 '78

Haha ok thanks man good luck

Mitch234123 Aug 14 '78

pick 2 felix jones, johnson, morris, mcgahee and pick 2 josh gordon, wallace, demaryuis thomas, stevie johnson, and andrew hawkins

flyingwelindas Aug 14 '78

easy- morris, cj-wallace, thomas

Casey_Daniels Aug 14 '78

I'd go McGahee instead of CJ. The matchup is a lot friendlier.

JoeyGugliuzza Aug 15 '78

If u start CJ over McGahee ur retarded

Mitch234123 Aug 15 '78

im going with mcgahee

aajpity Aug 14 '78

Johnson, Turner, or Spiller??

Sienna Aug 14 '78

120 total yards and a td for Chris Johnson

Sienna Aug 14 '78

a girl can dream ; )

TheOutlaws Aug 14 '78

He probably will do that since I have him on the bench like I did when he went off for 2 TD's and 195 Yards...Could this be another one of those games?

JoeyGugliuzza Aug 15 '78


sleekviper Aug 15 '78

Honestly, I picked up Chargers Def. so whatever this nightmare turns out to be has some offset. Pretty sad when injuries and bye weeks leave ya dreading starting Johnson.

Hammer1026 Aug 15 '78

hahahaha yes u can! I'm just choosing to dream with him on my bench ; ) if he goes off, kudos to all of you for keeping him active... fyi... this is the 1st time I'm sitting him all year (yeah I know, wtf was I thinking...?!) BUT that also means he's about balanced out his production now (from crappy beginning to those boom weeks not too long ago)... I'm feeling 2 more really tough matchups with da Bears and 'Fins, then his bye week, so, not much more from CJ until week 12 at the earliest... good luck though! ; )

Sienna Aug 15 '78

It paid off for me : )))))))))))))))))

Sienna Aug 15 '78

Dreams do come true

Hammer1026 Aug 15 '78

hahahahaha yes they do for you Sienna, way to go!!!!! : )

Hammer1026 Aug 15 '78

Man Outlaws, you called it ; )

TheOutlaws Aug 15 '78

I guess you're the dumb one now huh?

bendix Aug 14 '78

Good luck chris