Lance Moore WR PIT Aug 11 '7810 Comments

Lance Moore played on 40-of-61 offensive in Sunday night's loss to the Broncos.


benbejammin Aug 16 '78

Moore or Maclin??

Flywron Aug 14 '78

Moore or Stevie Johnson??? Any thoughts would help!!

KillerRabbit Aug 14 '78

Lance Moore or Josh Gordon? I have a pretty good idea which one I wanna start but some outsider advice would be appreciated.

TeamJordanTyson Aug 13 '78

Moore vs. phili or Santana Moss vs. panthers?

litoness Aug 13 '78


Greg_W Aug 12 '78

What does this even mean?

Is 2/3 snaps a good amount for a receiver?

Is he Drew's favourite target?

Booya024 Aug 12 '78

It means Saints WR suck to have on your team.

litoness Aug 13 '78

Exactly. It means you never know who will get the ball. He played almost the whole game and still only got 3 passes for like 25 yards.

CharlieMurphy Aug 13 '78

your gonna wanna play l Moore @ the super dome in a shoot out against Philly.

MrBoom-Boom Aug 13 '78

Tell me bout it! I have both Colsten & Moore on my team. It has been frustratin' all year.