Dwayne Bowe WR CLE Aug 10 '788 Comments

According to ESPN's John Clayton on NFL Live, there's "virtually no chance" of a Dwayne Bowe trade before Thursday's deadline.


suziinc Aug 13 '78

Would you start Dwayne Bowe or Reggie Wayne?

OJTHOR Aug 12 '78

I guess I should give him some slack considering the quaterbacks and coaches he has olayed for, its just that I expected so much more out of him.

Booya024 Aug 12 '78

He's had some good production as a pro without ever having a reliable quarterback. I'm hoping he gets traded, he's a top tier WR with a better team.

OJTHOR Aug 12 '78

I remember watching Bowe at LSU and overall I think he has been a disappointment as a pro

Filthy_Sanchez Aug 12 '78

That's too bad. He'd look in Browns orange and white!

baufman Aug 12 '78

bowe or mike wallace this week?

Booya024 Aug 12 '78

Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe. Guaranteed good weather, he's going to get his touches, and he is always getting garbage time points.

JoshG37 Aug 13 '78

lol @ "over dwayne Bowe" witty