Chris Johnson RB NYJ Aug 09 '7810 Comments

Chris Johnson has surpassed 90 yards rushing in three straight weeks for the first time since the final three games of his 2,000-yard season in 2009.

"It's just stepping up and making plays," Johnson said. "I have to give the offensive line some credit for keeping those guys off me and giving me some holes. It's a situation where the coach is just believing in me and (continuing) to give me the ball. Receiving better line play while also running with considerably more purpose, Johnson will enter Week 9 in the top-10 in rushing. This, after he was being out-rushed by multiple quarterbacks early in the season. The light has flipped on. We can only hope it stays that way.


TheOutlaws Aug 12 '78

Okay.....all of the experts will say do not start CJ2K because he faces a tough Chicago Bears run defense. Watch....This will be another one of those weeks were we regret sitting him again, just like when he faced least I hope so because I'm out of options. Rolling with CJ2K against Da Bears....Ouch!

Hammer1026 Aug 12 '78

I'm actually in the same boat here Outlaws and not sure what to make of this matchup...?? I'm thinking of sitting CJ as well but not based on what the "experts" are saying but rather looking at how both teams performed in their last games (vs Colts and Panthers) - I can def see a bounce back game for the Bears and if they get up big and early (much like the Chargers did to the Titans earlier in the year) it will render the run game and CJ useless... I also can't see the Titans trying to give CJ 20+ touches against the Bears d, he'll never survive... could be a very long day indeed (coupled that with the 'Fins d next week and bye week after that, it could 3+ weeks before we could see any production from CJ, and by then Locker will most likely be back too!) ; (

djm180 Aug 12 '78

Nah, your fine. He probably won't have an awesome day, but he should get his usual 10 points like he has lately. They made some changes in the offense or something. Plus the Bears are due for a crappy performance on defense.

DCommish Aug 12 '78

Welcome back CJ.....O-line improved alot as well!

TheOutlaws Aug 12 '78

Amen to that brother!

mikeydoyle Aug 10 '78


FrenchyFoo Aug 10 '78

hahahaha... I hope not

TheOutlaws Aug 12 '78

NoooooOOOO....those are all in the past............have I convinced you??? ;)

timerin Aug 12 '78

due for a stinker? half of his games have been stinkers this year!

MattyFresh Aug 09 '78

Funny thing. I'm in a 3 game win streak after starting 1 and 4. Pattern?