Cam Newton QB CAR Aug 08 '7810 Comments

Cam Newton completed 20-of-39 attempts for 314 yards and two interceptions, while running for 37 yards, Sunday against the Bears.

Newton made plenty of needed plays and was lucky when a fumble at the one yard line was recovered by his own teammate for a touchdown. However, he did not receive much help on his two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown after Steve Smith slipped in his route. The Panthers stuck to their word and ran more plays from under center, and Newton appeared unaffected.


aproffn Aug 10 '78

Am I the only one who saw 300+ yds passing, a negated TD passing and a negated Rushing TD, Cam is still a stud and must start IMO.

tmactown01 Aug 08 '78

This guy is worst QB in league bottom line. Even Sanchez can throw one TD. He's a plague on all fantasy teams.

letsdrinkaforte Aug 09 '78

get real looser

pinkcracker89 Aug 09 '78

You're just talking out of your ass. You see stats and that's all you base your assessment on. Both of his interceptions came on the inaction of his wide receivers.

Snake_bitten Aug 09 '78

In week 4 Sanchez got -0.85pts. in my league. I think he is far FAR worse than Cam. But maybe I live in a strange world of common sense. I'm not saying Cam is a starter, but he certainly looked better today than Sanchez.

tmactown01 Aug 09 '78

I see wins 1. I see 8 picks and 8 fumbles. He's playing terrible. He makes bad decisions especially in the red zone. I look at facts and the fact is he is playing bad.

Snake_bitten Aug 09 '78

The reason Sanchez can throw a TD is because by the time the 4th Qtr. rolls around most teams have taken out their starters and it's garbage time. lol

At least Carolina stays in the game.

LiscenseToChill Aug 09 '78

your just wrong.. they took back a touchdown pass with a penalty if you would have watched the game

Jmf_1990 Aug 09 '78

He has also played ATL, SEA, CHI, and DAL the last 4 weeks. All have good defenses, I love his schedule going forward.

pwoodward33 Aug 09 '78

lets go newton