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Ben Roethlisberger believes Heath Miller is the best all-around tight end in the NFL.

"He's absolutely the best all-around tight end in the league," Roethlisberger said. "People are going to argue. But all-around tight end, there's no doubt about it." Miller is on pace for career highs in receptions, yards, and touchdowns in what is shaping up as a Pro Bowl season.


Dloc76 Aug 08 '78

tony gonzales or heath miller?

tstein221 Aug 06 '78


commish59 Aug 06 '78

So let me get this straight what you are trying to say is he's the best all around tight end

Fluffly_Rhinos Aug 06 '78

Gates or miller?

Gridiron-IQ Aug 06 '78


Charleston Aug 07 '78

I have the exact same dilemma. Miller is going against Wash who gives up 57.9% more points on average to TE while Gates is up against Cle who gives up -38.9% points on average to TE. Gates is coming off a huge game but I think I am going with Miller.

mushjk Aug 07 '78

Wow, as a Steeler fan, I can't believe your going to take Miller over Gates. Love Heath, got his jersey and root for him every week, but the Steelers have not been TE throwing team since Eric Green till this year. Yes, good match up for Miller with the front line of Washington being banged up but Gates against the Browns? I would take Gates for sure. I think Miller is one of the best TE's just because of his blocking skills, but the Steelers have not committed enough to throwing to him on a weekly basis for me to start him over my other TE. If I had Gates, he would start. My opinion, its your team, do as you choose. If you pick Miller, I hope you kicks ass for you.

Charleston Aug 07 '78

The problem with Gates is SD will be ahead all game. Richardon may not play for Cle and with Rivers turning the ball over like he has they will probably just run the crap out of Mathews. Statistics support Miller but you are right, its hard to sit Gates. I have been relying on him for many years now. I am facing someone who has Doug Martin this week so I cant make any mistakes.

Charleston Aug 07 '78

I would love to know if Joe Haden plans to cover Gates all game. That would make things much easier.

BergerDan Aug 07 '78

Miller of Gronk? I can't believe I just said that. haha.

Charleston Aug 07 '78

Stats support Miller but there is no way I would sit Gronk with Hernandez not playing.

BergerDan Aug 07 '78

Gronk is the number one scoring TE already this year.

steelernation32 Aug 07 '78

sd will be ahead all game?

sd sucks bro

cleveland beats em this week, you heard it here first

steelernation32 Aug 07 '78

uhh... pretty sure stats support gronk

and there is no way you bench gronk for any te

Charleston Aug 07 '78

I do agree you don't bench Gronk, however Stl allows -28% points per game for TE while Was allows +57.9% more points per game. That was all I was saying.

Charleston Aug 07 '78

Not if Richardson doesn't play. Weeden can't carry that team without a running game to take pressure off him.

begs Aug 07 '78

instead of looking at the stats of the defense theyre playing try looking at the stats of the players, gronk = the best

Gridiron-IQ Aug 07 '78

Ya he came off his one good game this yr...miller is consistently being targeted every week,in the end zone and not...

Charleston Aug 07 '78

I realize he is the best that is why I would never sit him as I have pointed out already.

djm180 Aug 07 '78

Stats do not equal "the best". Miller has 2 Superbowl rings. Gronk has 0.

djm180 Aug 07 '78

Stats do not equal "the best". Miller has 2 Superbowl rings. Gronk has 0.

BergerDan Aug 07 '78

Wow going 5 for 57 is a steller SB appearance. They had a running game. And Miller was only a short yardage dump off pass for the entire game. Look it up. Gronk set the record books last year. And already has better stats than Miller this year. Ok so say I agree with you and stats do not equal the best. Tell that to Tony Gonzo. He is the best because the stats have him only second to Jerry Rice. Clearly you are a Pittsburg fan only. Go wipe your butt with your towel.

djm180 Aug 08 '78

Not even much of a Pittsburgh fan. Fantasy Football is fun, but gets on my nerves with all the undue praise of guys who are just thrown to a lot or given the ball a lot. I think Gronkowski is pretty good, but in the long run might just be slightly better than average. That offense treats Tight Ends like #1 Wide Receivers. If they threw it to Heath that much, I'm sure he'd do just as well. Plus, he's been in the NFL much longer and has shown he can play at a high level consistently. Gronkowski had 1 great year, and if he was so good, he woulda made a difference in the playoffs, including that Super Bowl last year.

begs Aug 08 '78

he was playing on one leg in the Super Bowl man! the fact that you say he's "pretty" good and is slightly above average ruins all your credibility. the guys a beast!

Gridiron-IQ Aug 08 '78

hes been a beast for one yr is what he's trying to tell u...

Gridiron-IQ Aug 08 '78

also it said all around tight end so that includes blocking and everything else a TE does...

BergerDan Aug 08 '78

I agree that Health Miller is a great all around TE. No doubting that. I can honestly say that he blocks really well when the rest of the offensive line and RBs are healthy. Big Ben has said that he wants to get Miller to the ProBowl. Tom Brady never said that. He just passes to the hot hand. Not to mention that no one can really cover Gronk the entire game. But when they need him to block, he is a great blocker that helps Welker and the Running Backs on the number one rated offense in football. Heath Miller is good, but I doubt he is a first round HOF. If gronk keeps up half the pace he did last year. He will be shooting for every Gonzo record there is. Remember Gonzo played for a crapy Chiefs team? then a rebuilding Falcons team? Gronk gets brady for the next five years.