Aaron Rodgers QB GB Aug 04 '787 Comments

Aaron Rodgers (calf) is practicing in full this week.

Rodgers was slowed by his calf last week before dismantling the Rams on Sunday. It's a non-issue.


kluver26 Aug 06 '78

How will A. Rodgers do without J. Nelson?

kevinW13 Aug 05 '78

i have 4 rbs and 2 te's. i know i should start jimmy grahm, willis mgahee because of matchup, rashad jennings. now i have 2 spots left for rb/wr/te. who do i put? alfred morris against steelers, antonio gates against browns or darren sproles against broncos???

dtowne Aug 05 '78

well definately don't start Aaron Rodgers at rb/wr/te! Why are you posting that on this thread? LOL

EvanPackers12 Aug 06 '78

kevin start your mother you stupied retard

holianm Aug 05 '78

Rodgers is awesome

schmidt425 Aug 05 '78

Cause he's a BOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

holianm Aug 05 '78

i agree