Heath Miller TE PIT Aug 02 '7810 Comments

Heath Miller secured six passes for 53 yards and a touchdown in the Steelers' Week 7 win over the Bengals.

Miller spent most of the first half on the line helping rookie RT Mike Adams block Bengals LEs Robert Geathers and Carlos Dunlap, but he got free against CB Terence Newman for a red-zone touchdown at the end of the second quarter. The Steelers went for two, and Miller caught a fade ball for the additional points on the next play. Padding his stats in the fourth quarter, Miller streaked down the seam uncovered for a gain of 30. Miller remains ideally a TE2 in fantasy leagues, but you could do much worse for weekly fallback options.


BradyNation Aug 04 '78

These guys are full of it. he is a TE1 al day. they cant run especially without pouncey 100% even with dwyers big rear, so they throw to TE and play action also his way. Another Big ben did say he wanted to get Heath in the Pro Bowl. And Wallace has the dropsies. And Brown isnt red zone threat with like 4-5 tds in his career... Ride Heath all year. He will finish right behind Gonzalaez and Gronk..

Glory_Daze Aug 03 '78

As soon as Roth said he was going to get Heath into the all-star game this year, well, that was good enought for me.

djm180 Aug 03 '78

This Rotoworld writeup totally ignores the fact that the Steelers have a new offensive coordinator this year, and this appears to have changed their offense in a way that favors getting the ball to Heath Miller more. Big Ben has said that it's more of a "dink and dunk" offense. Also, Ben has always trusted Heath when he gets into trouble and looks to Heath for short passes to avoid a sack or other disaster. They went away from Heath for a couple years (the 2010 and 2011 seasons), but nobody even remembers he had a great year in 2009. And you still coulda used him in 2010 and 2011 by starting him in good matchups. I'm probably starting him the rest of the way this year, and I have Greg Olsen too.

SamBair Aug 02 '78

Heath poppin off right when I need him. Definitely a solid TE2, and a low tier TE1.

Sorendo Aug 02 '78

Not too sure about that, I have him ranked above average TE1 in deep leagues.

bruinsforr7072 Aug 02 '78

He has 5 tds this year. I think he's a solid TE1

ECoastThunder Aug 03 '78

Agreed. And if I listened to everyone saying he would be spending the game blocking.

tchboarshead8 Aug 03 '78

Definitely a TE1. Keep in mind the fact that none of the Steeler WR's are ideal red-zone targets. Wallace is not a precise route-runner and can get the dropsies, and Brown has, what, 4 career TD's? Miller is their best bet for red zone looks. And I agree about Haley installing more of a quick-passing attack.

jessiesyrdal Aug 04 '78

I think I would call him an above average to lower top-end TE1, he has saved me from the Finley pick I started the year with!

Astrutz Aug 04 '78

I picked him up when Hernandez went down, now I am not sure which one to play!