Jahvid Best RB DET Jul 26 '784 Comments

Lions coach Jim Schwartz refused to update Jahvid Best's (concucsions) status at Monday's press conference.


STR8UPMALU Jul 26 '78

i think he is going to play. They said he is in the best shape. I think he is going to play this week. I also think the lions are going to use him a lot. But they don't want to give other teams the heads up that he is back in the line up.

sethc10f6 Jul 26 '78

Whats up??? WTF are they trying to hide???

Adam1977 Jul 26 '78

either they really don't have an answer yet or they are being "normal" with the way they handle injuries in Detroit. Monday night game gives them an extra day this week, would be quite shocked if new 1 way or another doesn't come out Wednesday.

Adam1977 Jul 26 '78

The Lions first practice this week is Wednesday. If Best doesn't return this week, the Lions have another two weeks before they must decide if they'll activate him this season.

From The Detroit News: detroitnews.com