Greg Zuerlein K STL Jul 26 '7816 Comments

Rams K Greg Zuerlein missed three field goals in Sunday's Week 6 loss to the Dolphins.

Zuerlein missed from 52, 37 and 66 yards out. They are the first three misses of his NFL career. We wouldn't worry too much about Legatron's off day, and the Rams' inept red-zone offense should keep bringing him chances. Zuerlein trails only Lawrence Tynes in field-goal attempts this season.


Ponzi Jul 27 '78

A right to left hook would be caused by 30-45mph gusts blowing from right to left.

TouchdownBundy Jul 27 '78

Could be caused , yes. But if you look at his kicks that he missed, coming off the ball they were not straight. They were hooking a little and the wind blew them further off course. Couple of those probably go in without the windgust which woulda made this discussion a non-issue, but the rams (and FF owners) need this guy to be able to make FG's in adverse conditions in road games (which he can and will do moving forward imo) . It two of those kicks went in , the rams most likely win. I think he's that good that he should make almost all of his kicks no matter the situation ( and I believe he thinks so too).

TravisRenfro Jul 26 '78

Calm down boys and girls, the wind was blowing from right to left at about 30 and gusting to 45. C'mon now. He'll be alright...

Mel_Cappins Jul 27 '78

yea but he was hooking it, the wind didn't cause that (although it may have blew one of them left that woulda went through otherwise). His kicks usually go right down the middle. But I agree, just a bump in the road for GZ.

Ddeinhardt Jul 26 '78

Yes this guy had a bad day. He will be one of the best kickers of all time and will soon hold the longest kick in NFL.

Mel_Cappins Jul 27 '78

agree. especially playing half his games in a dome.

Ddeinhardt Aug 12 '78

damn right to bad he has a bye this week.

TouchdownBundy Jul 26 '78

just don't expect this guy to miss. The 66 yarder and even the 52 yarder understandable, but the 37 yarder? Everything wide left, WTH?? usually everythings right down the middle. Just an off day I suppose. Hopefully the bad day doesn't get in his head.

JSoccorso28 Jul 26 '78

I'm not worrying at all, dude has the leg to hit an 80 yarder, his 66 yard attempt had unbelievable distance

Riggs44R Jul 27 '78

and the 52 yarder looked like it was good but above the upright. I agree with Travis and Ddeinhardt too

begs Aug 04 '78

I agree with travis and ddeinhardt, but disagree with Riggs44R

Riggs44R Aug 04 '78

LMAO and refresh all of our memories... who are you? and who cares that you disagree with my opinion that it looked like it was above the upright. Is this the same guy that was arguing with me about how great MJD is going to be this season, while I was saying stay away because greedy holdouts tend to get hurt? Yeah, I think you were the guy.

begs Aug 04 '78

wow Riggs44R proclaims holdouts get hurt the week after MJD got hurt!!

Thats amazing!! Let us all know who you think will win the Superbowl in 2011 ok?

Riggs44R Aug 04 '78

numbnutz, I said, that when he reported you were the guy saying that he'd not get hurt, it was either you or some other idiot. I maintained all the while that holdouts usually do and proclaimed such immediately upon his reporting, while guys like you swore he'd be fine! How's that workin out for ya now? hahaaaaaaaaaa

begs Aug 04 '78

it wasnt me jackass, do you spend a lot of your time arguing with people on the internet?

haaaaahahahahaha get a life bro

Riggs44R Aug 04 '78

yeah it was, you're just feeling like you always do now, STUPID!