Jackie Battle RB TEN Jul 19 '7810 Comments

Jackie Battle "started" San Diego's Week 5 loss to the Saints, but ended up with just four carries for 10 yards.

He added two catches for seven yards. Battle was the every-down back on San Diego's first two drives, but became an afterthought after Ryan Mathews entered on series three and promptly began dominating the Saints' 32nd ranked run defense. Battle didn't touch the ball the game's final 41 minutes, and was clearly behind both Mathews and Ronnie Brown in the passing game. His three-week moment in the sun has come and gone. Hopefully you didn't blow your entire free-agent budget.


Gateswinz Jul 21 '78

Take it easy cheese head... And why packers fans want to be called cheese heads is what you have to figure out...all I was saying was if you say your starting someone play them...

thakid Jul 21 '78

they did play him. He got to play 2 series. he didn't produce so he was replaced. The Jets need to take note and bench Greene.

kentymac Jul 20 '78

i started him :-(

Gateswinz Jul 19 '78

Total BS... If I was head coach I would make norv a trash pickup guy in the parking lot. We need a real coach in sd and have for many years. gates rivers norv all have to go. Weddle is the class act on the team...

Fabio49ers Jul 19 '78

Let me guess... You own Battle?? The dude is garbage!! U actually think he's better than Mathews???

ClosetLesbian Jul 20 '78

Yeah seriously bro. anyone who started Battle this week is delusional.

EvanPackers12 Jul 21 '78

Gateswinz your stupied Battle sucks and shouldn't have started in the first place

Jokajoe Jul 22 '78

Mathews is better but he can never stay healthy. So now only time will tell and I dont think he can do it.

pope Jul 19 '78

Don't worry, Matthews will be hurt soon enough.

JordanStupka Jul 20 '78

Or fumble again...