Marques Colston WR NO Jul 19 '787 Comments

Marques Colston went off against the Chargers in New Orleans' Week 5 win, catching nine passes for 131 yards and three touchdowns.

With Lance Moore out and Jimmy Graham ailing, Colston was Drew Brees' go-to receiver. All three of Colston's scores came within the red zone, while the nine-catch performance was his second straight. After getting off to a slow start due in part to a foot injury, he'll now enter the Saints' Week 6 bye averaging 5.6 catches for 88.8 yards. He has four total touchdowns. He's a high-end WR2/borderline WR1.


micheline Jul 20 '78

He basically blew me away. I Har Brees in my QB position and together they had me jumping fans screaming for joy the whole game... And I'm not even a Saints fan!

BrianV Jul 20 '78

borderline WR1? Say what?

DonTerminator Jul 19 '78

And with the past 2 weeks performances, he's officially made up for his first 3 weeks. I now no longer regret taking him in the 4th round.

DrDoom511 Jul 19 '78

I played him ONLY because Stevie Johnson was up against that Niners Def. Boy was I rewarded. I hope this keeps up Jennings is out and Im not really counting on him at this point. Here's hoping this guy keeps it up!

Perrone96 Jul 19 '78

Haha, I feel the same way. Hopefully he keeps it up.

TouchdownBundy Jul 21 '78

yep. it seems Colston is back and you know the saints are gonna air it out every week (well except this week since they're on a bye)

Perrone96 Jul 21 '78

We'll have to wait and see how he does once Lance Moore comes back. Moore always seems to cut into Colston's numbers.