Toby Gerhart RB JAC Jun 15 '7817 Comments

Toby Gerhart is expected to be the Vikings' primary back against the Jaguars Sunday.

If Adrian Peterson (knee) is active, he'll have "limited exposure" according to coach Leslie Frazier. That leaves the feature back job to Gerhart, who has proved he is capable of handling big workloads before. In the five games that Peterson has missed over the last two seasons, Gerhart has averaged 21.0 touches. "We feel like we don't have to change any of our plays. We're very confident and comfortable with Toby being our lead back if that's the case," Frazier said.


McBillionaire Jun 17 '78

DeAngelo Williams, Reggie Bush, or Gerhart... pick one?

SeanNumber53 Jun 18 '78

there seems to be alot of really good buzz surrounding gerhart this week. Jags had one of the worst run defenses last year and not much seems to have changed since.

if gerhart gets some good stats this week, i'll be laughing all the way to the proverbial bank. picked him up as my 15th pick =)

Simply-Irish Jun 16 '78

Gerhart or Trent Richardson? Any thoughts? Richardson is facing the Eagles this week. Gerhart facing the Jags....

JIMBO7777 Jun 16 '78

Gotta go with Gerhart. He will top 100yds this week and Richardson will be eased into the game. Gerhart will almost double Richardson's touches for this week.

Joshua7783 Jun 16 '78

Gerhart > Sproles?

Joshua7783 Jun 16 '78

(this week)

JIMBO7777 Jun 16 '78

It's hard to bench Sproles but i feel Gerhart will have more points this week. If you can, play them both. If not, Gerhart. (just for this week)

ryanpoon Jun 17 '78

sproles for sure

Kasa Jun 16 '78

start him over Jamaal Charles?

Noah_Suzuki Jun 16 '78

i chose to

rmaxtpmx Jun 16 '78

definitely. this may be gerhart's only week to start in fantasy, and against a horrible run defense. charles is the man, but will unfortunately be back in a tandem, which means zero big games. he's a solid rb2, but gerhart has the upside this week.

IsaiahLee Jun 16 '78

Gerhart or Dwyer?

rmaxtpmx Jun 16 '78

gerhart. jacksonville has a very good secondary, and a horrible defense otherwise. i'd expect plenty of running, and a.p.'s not ready to take over. dwyer will be sharing snaps for now, and i would expect lots of passing in denver.

Polamalupalooza Jun 15 '78

start him he will get a significant amount of snaps

KochGobbler Jun 16 '78

I have to start 5 between Mojo, Bradshaw, Gerhart, V-Jackson, Dez, and Decker... who would you start?

Murrrrr Jun 16 '78

Mojo will only be the 3rd down back. If Dez is healthy, I leave Mojo out of the lineup.

mjohnson_7 Jun 16 '78

i would say v jax, dez, decker, gerhart and bradshaw. mojo probably won't get many touches this week.