Donovan McNabb QB MIN Apr 09 '782 Comments

Free agent QB Donovan McNabb said there's a 80-to-90 percent chance he'll play in the NFL this season.

McNabb, 36, has garnered no known interest on the open market this offseason. However, he says he has "about three teams that I'm looking at." McNabb will probably need a rash of injuries at the quarterback position during training camp just to land a backup gig.


RustyDuck Apr 09 '78

Mr. McNaab needs to work on his math skills, especially in the area of probability analysis.

joegibbskins07 Apr 09 '78

ya got that right. not a single team has shown interest in him. but wait.... he has shown interest in some teams! thats a plus... right? i mean, Portis and T.O. has shown interest in some teams too.