The current draft pick is 17.2 #130. is now drafting! The previous picks were

Jordy Nelson WR GB.

placed Jordy Nelson WR GB on the IR. 2 hours ago

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI.

Drafted Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 17.1 #129 18 hours ago

Alex Smith QB KC.

Drafted Alex Smith QB KC 16.8 #128 18 hours ago

Chris Ivory RB NYJ.

Drafted Chris Ivory RB NYJ 16.7 #127 (using Commish Powers) 1 day ago

Eric Decker WR NYJ.

Drafted Eric Decker WR NYJ 16.6 #126 (using Commish Powers) 2 days ago

T.J. Yeldon RB JAC.

Drafted T.J. Yeldon RB JAC 16.5 #125 2 days ago

Blair Walsh K MIN.

Drafted Blair Walsh K MIN 16.4 #124 (using Commish Powers) 2 days ago

Dan Bailey K DAL.

Drafted Dan Bailey K DAL 16.3 #123 3 days ago

Miami Dolphins D/ST MIA.

Drafted Miami Dolphins D/ST MIA 16.2 #122 3 days ago

Arizona Cardinals D/ST ARI.

Drafted Arizona Cardinals D/ST ARI 16.1 #121 4 days ago

Justin Tucker K BAL.

Drafted Justin Tucker K BAL 15.8 #120 4 days ago

Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST PIT.

Drafted Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST PIT 15.7 #119 4 days ago

Detroit Lions D/ST DET.

Drafted Detroit Lions D/ST DET 15.6 #118 4 days ago

Carolina Panthers D/ST CAR.

Drafted Carolina Panthers D/ST CAR 15.5 #117 4 days ago

Mason Crosby K GB.

Drafted Mason Crosby K GB 15.4 #116 4 days ago

Indianapolis Colts D/ST IND.

Drafted Indianapolis Colts D/ST IND 15.3 #115 (using Commish Powers) 4 days ago