Kam Chancellor DB SEA.

Cut Kam Chancellor DB SEA 2 weeks ago

Jordan Matthews WR PHI.

Added Jordan Matthews WR PHI 2 weeks ago

Devonta Freeman RB ATL.

Cut Devonta Freeman RB ATL 2 weeks ago

Nick Foles QB STL.

Added Nick Foles QB STL 2 weeks ago

Branden Oliver RB SD.

Cut Branden Oliver RB SD 2 weeks ago


has joined the league by taking over an inactive team. 2 weeks ago

J.J. Watt DL HOU.

Added J.J. Watt DL HOU 2 weeks ago

Shane Vereen RB NYG.

Cut Shane Vereen RB NYG 2 weeks ago

Martellus Bennett TE CHI.

Added Martellus Bennett TE CHI 2 weeks ago

Mike Evans WR TB.

Cut Mike Evans WR TB 2 weeks ago

Tom Brady QB NE.

Added Tom Brady QB NE 3 weeks ago


The owner of team [Deleted Team] has been removed by commish. 3 weeks ago


The commish has made use of Commish Powers to change the lineup of team . 3 weeks ago


The commish has requested full control of league settings. 3 weeks ago