The current draft pick is 7.3 #75. is now drafting! The previous picks were

Tevin Coleman RB ATL

Drafted Tevin Coleman RB ATL 6.1 #61 19 hours ago

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI

Drafted Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 5.3 #51 1 day ago

David Johnson RB ARI

Drafted David Johnson RB ARI 4.10 #46 1 day ago

Coby Fleener TE IND

Drafted Coby Fleener TE IND 3.12 #36 2 days ago

Seattle Seahawks D/ST SEA

Drafted Seattle Seahawks D/ST SEA 3.3 #27 2 days ago

Nelson Agholor WR PHI

Drafted Nelson Agholor WR PHI 2.10 #22 2 days ago

Jordan Matthews WR PHI

Drafted Jordan Matthews WR PHI 1.10 #10 3 days ago

Dwayne Allen TE IND

Cut Dwayne Allen TE IND 3 days ago

Andrew Hawkins WR CLE

Cut Andrew Hawkins WR CLE 3 days ago

Jared Cook TE STL

Cut Jared Cook TE STL 3 days ago

James Jones WR NYG

Cut James Jones WR NYG 3 days ago

Vernon Davis TE SF

Cut Vernon Davis TE SF 3 days ago