PlayerRank2014 StatsFantasyTradeAvailability
2 weeks agoJustin ForsettRBBAL92981,529Yd8TD202.912.7
Looking for 4th round pick Anywhere from a 4th to 6th round pick. But, I will listen to any offer.
3 weeks agoRyan TannehillQBMIA593104,045Yd28TD328.9520.6
Looking for 1st round pick
3 weeks agoJimmy GrahamTESEA9173889Yd10TD150.910.1
Looking for 1st round pick
3 weeks agoDeMarco MurrayRBPHI81012,261Yd13TD304.119
Looking for 1st round pick Murray, Anderson and Graham all available for draft picks. Looking to move up in draft, so would consider swapping one of my draft picks with these players for a better pick. Thx.
12 months agoVernon DavisTESF1018136249Yd2TD36.92.8
Looking for 1st round pick
1 year agoDeSean JacksonWRWAS855141,176Yd6TD166.611.1
Looking for RB